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Christine's complaint against Littlewoods

Christine McGrory


Double Payment

Complaint against Littlewoods

Hi There, I'm wondering if someone could please pick up my case against Littlewoods. I have had several issues with the company & I am now at my wits end basically. They lifted double payment from my account which left me going into my overdraft unexpectedly, this has resulted in absolute humiliation when I went to buy my shopping today at tesco only to discover my card would be rejected at the checkout. I already phoned Littlewoods last week asking for my refund back, was told by one advisor it would be 24 hours then back in my account. So I waited 24 hours no sign of the refund. I later called and asked for a complaint to be lodge I was told this could not happen as I would have to complain "in writing" I mean this is the 21st century! Complete lies! I then asked if I could speak to a manager only to be hung up on. I then had to phone again, asked for a manager only to be told the exact same thing about how no one was available to come to the phone, I would recieve a call back in the next hour, which never happened. This is all happening while I'm at work on my lunch , wasting my time and running up my phone bill more to the point aswell just to get someone to refund back the money they owe me. My credit allowance with Littlewoods is £500 I'm currently £166 pounds in credit due to direct debit just being taken whenever out of my bank account. The customer service I've recieved is little to none. Everytime I get through to an advisor they hang up or don't do as I ask. I called back in today to ask about my refund after my ordeal in tesco to find out that actually the refund was never issued to my bank account in the first place and I've now to wait 3 working days. I mean it's just ridiculous now. I have already complained to Littlewoods , got an email back from them saying i would hear from someone in 24hours, that was 3 days ago now. Can someone please help me with this because I do not know what to do anymore. Thank you Christine

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