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Oksana's complaint against Littlewoods

Oksana Szczomak


Extremely very bad customer care service, ordering and returns department

Complaint against Littlewoods

Littlewoods Account Number 93627370 Order 1 Cot Bed £216.99 Mattress £54.99 Total cost of goods £271.98 I telephoned Saturday 18 February 2017, with regards to ordering a cot bed with mattress. I have had so much trouble, anxiety, stress and a bill for £100.24 on my phone, which is normally £34 a month, and has been since I have started contract with my phone. That is £66.24 over my normal bill which I would like reimbursing asap. I telephone explaining that I wanted the cot bed and mattress going to be delivered to the address in London, which I gave the person when ordering. I made sure that they understood that the delivery address was London, which they did. I was called at work to say that the bed or mattress was delivered at my address in Derby. I spend the next at least 45 minutes, explaining I did not want it at the Derby address, I wanted the London address which I had to give again. This caused me stress and anxiety to the point I had to leave early from work, and go to bed when I got home. The bed or mattress was left at my next door neighbour, who we have not spoken to since 5 years ago. I telephoned Littlewoods again, to say come and collect it and send it to London to the right address. Next day the mattress arrived to the Derby address. Again, I'm phoning Littlewoods, this time for another 20 minutes. This continued to the point that the cot bed was delivered again to the next door neighbour, the second time. All the while I was speaking with Littlewoods staff, each person was very rude, and kept me on the phone for 20 minutes each time, and at one point even put the phone down me too. One person said that he would do an investigation into this because I had been so badly treated and the staff should not have said what they did .(I have emails relating to this incident stating that an investigation is going through and also other emails too). I hope this is still continuing and an investigation will be done. When I managed to get the cot bed and mattress delivered to the London address, and was given the date of delivery so I could inform my niece. The delivery man came with the mattress a day earlier when no one was in, and was left with their next door neighbour. Then a couple of days the cot bed came. Each time I had to call to collect the bed and mattress and each time I had to tell them the London address. My next door neighbour from 200 came around our house about 2 weeks ago. They brought the cot bed and mattress and left it on my path in the garden, and said they still have not come and collect the bed and mattress. Again, I called Littlewoods back and left hanging on the phone again, and each time I called I wanted to speak to the Manager. They confirmed that I could speak to them they where as good as a manager. Again, I have been fob off, and my stress and anxiety is at a high again which is causing me to be very poorly as I suffer with epilepsy. I work full time so I had to arrange with my other neighbour at 204 to have the cot bed and mattress. I telephoned again and was left hanging on for another 20 minutes. I explained that I had TWO items cot bed and mattress to be collected from 204. They gave me a date, and again they came on the wrong date. I had to call again for them to collect the items and was again on the phone for a long time. I don't understand why they should keep me hanging on so long. It is as though they are deliberately keeping me on the phone then they say thank you we have done that good bye. When they came to collect again, they only took one item because the collection man only had one ticket which meant one item. He said he would call back again tomorrow with another ticket. The collection man never came, I then called again and spoke to someone who was very arrogant and rude and was on the phone for a long time again. I hope you will get back to me with regards to this incident. I have been very badly treated, and I would like to have my mob phone £66.24 reimbursed, as I can not afford to pay £100.24. I have been sent emails addressing me as Miss Sabbi Sangar, spoken to in a very rude, arrogant manner and a very heft phone bill which I can not afford to pay for. I have had a very bad experience with regards to ordering items from Littlewoods, something I will not be doing again.

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