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Kady's complaint against Littlewoods

Kady Jones



Complaint against Littlewoods

I tried to access my littlewoods account on the third of June for it to not recognise my details so I thought I must be putting my passward in wrong so I tried to change for it to say no account under my email I've used for four years when I spoke to little woods they informed me that my email and address had been changed wich I had no knowledge of the address and email belonged to a family member who I have to involvement with and have a restraining order against then I found out two items had been ordered to her address where she had recently moved where you I have never been I was talked to discutently at first by a lady and put the phone down I rang back and spoke to someone much nicer who understood I informed them I was ringing the police who told me to get in touch with action for fraud I rang little woods back who at first where saying I have to pay back the 649 pound fraudtently spent using my fiance credit I have never spend more then my means as I am a single mother and what I know I can afford to pay when I rang back I gave them my crime number of action for fraud who then passed it to the police who have came to take a statement and gave me a crime number of them when I spoke to little woods to try and give her my crime number she was very rude said it was just a change of billing address which want true because if that was the case I should be able to access my account this has really upset me that they have let some one commit fraud and then lie

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