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Samantha Jourdan's complaint against Littlewoods

Samantha Jourdan Crilly


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Complaint against Littlewoods

I hold a littlewoods account with a £600 credit limit, I had used around £580 pounds of this limit and completed a card payment in two separate transactions with in 3 days of each other to pay the complete balance. Once I got confirmation the money was received by littlewoods I called the customer service team and asked what I should do about my direct debit that was set up on the account, they advised me no money would be drawn on 10/10/16 (the date the direct debit was due). When I checked my bank account I could see that the Littlewoods group had taken a payment for £222.08, I called them immediately and was advised this was done in error and I should contact my bank and they would be able to retrieve the money for me. After speaking with my bank they advised me they can not retrieve the money due to the direct debit guarantee I agreed to when setting the direct debit up, Littlewoods must release the money back into my account from their side. I then got back in contact with Littlewoods and they advised me they have spoke with the finance department and the money will get back to me within 24 to 48 hours, I accepted this thanked the girl I spoke with and waited. Three days later no money had came through, I called Littlewoods again to then be told that I am incorrect and could not have been told my money would be returned within 24 to 48 hours as this is not their policy at this stage I was also advised that they direct debit will still be drawn if it is not canceled 10 days before its due date this was not mentioned to me when I was cancelling it on 07/10/16. I was then advised the funds would be returned to me with in 10 days (this was after having to speak with a manager as the person I spoke with was not explaining to me why the process will take this long and could not confirm if anyone would contract me to let me know what was happening). I was advised someone would be in contact with me to update me by the manager i spoke with, which never happened. I waited patiently for the 10 days to be up, which is today 20/10/16. Still no money has been returned to my account.. I am currently on the phone to Littlewoods they have had me on hold long enough to complete this form with out any interruptions. So far I have been on the phone for 53 mins and have no idea what is happening. I was firstly advised (again) to go and claim off my bank, I was then advised the money has been sent to me, I was then advised it would take a further 10 days to sort out... I have asked for the call to be escalated to a manager or a complaints team who can assist me further. I have now been on hold for 30 minutes for this to happen with the advise no one can help me. I would like my £222.08 returned to me. I do not owe Littlewoods the money that they are holding, my account has been paid in full from 07/10/16.

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