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Will's complaint against Littlewoods

Will Mac


Illegal Charges & Unfair Business Practices!

Complaint against Littlewoods

Are any of you sick and tired of making payments to Littlewoods 13 times a year on a 28-day cycle, instead of on common sense fixed monthly payments, 12 times a year, which is more likely in keeping with how you are paid? Moreover, are any of you even more peeved off with having to pay a £12 late payment charge (most likely because of their totally irregular payment cycle) on any occasion when you cannot make a payment on the dates that they demand? Well I believe that these charges could actually be illegal because under British law “terms and conditions” have to be fair and excessive charges and disproportionate sanctions are illegal, moreover terms that allow a company to impose disproportionately high charges on customers for breach of contract are likely to be deemed unfair by any overseeing organisation/body. So, if you are as sick of the way Littlewoods are treating you just as I am, then may I suggest that you lodge an official complaint with Mr Andrew Baily Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Conduct Authority - Andrew dot Bailey @ The more people who submit a complaint to Mr Bailey, the faster these unfair business practices and the potentially illegal charges with be dealt with.

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