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Patrice's complaint against Littlewoods

Patrice Fisher


Non delivery of items. Return query outside home approval guarantee??

Complaint against Littlewoods

Order placed 7/10/2016. 6QLLR- (Albion)Black 3 seater sofa. Delivered on 3/11/2016. (Old sofa is now disposed of as of 9/11/2016 in order for 2 chairs to arrive on 10th). 77KDN – (Albion) Black chair x2. Delivery arranged for 10/11/2016. I get call from Arrow XL on the morning of delivery stating that I won’t be receiving chairs because the supplier/retailer hasn’t released them. Phone to Littlewoods 10/11/2016. I am told that the 2 chairs are in the depot in Wrexham, but ARE leaving that night, so will be with Arrow XL by FRI 11/11/2016 or SAT 12/11/2016. I call Arrow XL and double check this information and delivery is re-arranged for Monday 10th November. Sunday 13th November – Live chat– I’m told that both chairs are still in a container in Wrexham. Monday 14th November (8:31am) – E-mail from Littlewoods stating they are unsure of when delivery will be, as they are “awaiting parts” and to contact Arrow XL. Monday 14th November - (10:46am) 2nd E-mail from Littlewoods stating that the x2 chairs have had no tracking information on them since 8th November and they have now been removed from my account – If I would like to re-order then to do so in the usual way. I cannot do this as the item 77KDN is out of stock and has been since a day or 2 after my initial order on 7th October. Monday 14th November – (12:01pm) I call Littlewoods and speak to a lady who informs me that they WILL NOT be receiving any more of that item number in stock and was offered 2 chairs from the same (Albion) range in a BROWN colour. I obviously refused. I asked to speak with a manager which was met with a range of excuses from “why do you need a manager?” to “they will only tell you what I’m telling you, there is no point in talking with a manager” She told me she would put a note on the system and get a manager to call me back by 1. (It was 12:46pm) to which I asked if that would be within the next 15 minutes and she told me “No, that’s up until 1am”. Monday 14th November –(18:07pm) Second call to Littlewoods (after numerous attempts at speaking to somebody via Facebook and Twitter). I go through the situation again and explain that we have disposed of our old sofa as we were expecting new ones to arrive on 10th November and since then, myself, my husband and our 5 children have had to use the dining chairs we own for something to sit on in the living room. At this point of the conversation (I did not manage to get the operators name) I was asked if I “would like to arrange a return for the dining table?” I have NEVER in my 10 years of being a customer, ordered a dining table from Littlewoods. I again requested a manager but was told that nobody was available and he would get a manager to call me back within 24 hours because the managers were in a meeting. My main issues are that – I feel as I have been fobbed off and told whatever they think I want to hear to get me off the phone (this should be evident in any recorded calls) and when I asked both times to speak with someone more senior, was told that they were all in meetings. The order contained 1x3 seater sofa and 2x chairs from the same range and as we are not going to receive the 2 chairs, I queried a return on the 3 seater, but have since seen (under the returns tab on the Littlewoods website) that it is classed as “Outside of the Home Approval Guarantee” because it needs to be in its original packaging and in an unused condition. (Under our Approval Guarantee, We will replace or refund most items provided they are returned complete, unused and in their original packaging, with any appropriate security tags intact, within 28 days of receipt. If your item(s) does not meet this criteria then it is outside the Home Approval Guarantee. If this is the case you may be charged for returning the item(s) subject to Terms & Conditions. View more information on our Returns Policy) I was offered 2x BROWN chairs from the same range to “match” the BLACK 3 seater sofa. I have been assured by the lady that she could arrange the return of the 3 seater and it would be refunded to my account in around 14 days, then no more than 2 minutes later she said to me “If it is not refunded to your account after 14 days, then you can raise a dispute with Littlewoods”. My argument here is that, if the dispute didn’t go in my favour, then I am Minus 1 sofa – Minus the cost of that sofa (almost £1000) and minus the cost of a replacement. All I am looking for here is to speak with a manager who can clarify whether I can safely return the 3 seater and receive a refund in order to purchase a replacement sofa and chairs that match each other. I have been a loyal customer to Littlewoods for 10 years and never had to make a complaint. I feel terribly let down by this experience.

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