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Kassandra's complaint against Littlewoods

Kassandra brewin



Complaint against Littlewoods

Hi, This is a complaint regarding my backages that where supposed to be picked up today' I'm returning a Hoover due to my sister who I bought it for had already bought herself one, a duck egg blue blind that I clicked by mistake when looking at it online. Last Saturday the blind was supposed to be picked up and yet no1 turned up, the Hoover was delivered that day also the Hoover came but none to pick up the blind, I called littlewoods on the Sunday and told them, noone had turned up and that the Hoover is no longer wanted, he said he will get so one to pick them both up this Saturday as I work all week so can't wait in, i waited in all day. So that's now 2 Saturday's in a row now as this is my only day off and I would have liked to visit family, I also re arrange my scan date as I am pregnant so that I could wait in for these to be picked up. It is not fair to say they are going to be picked up then I wait in all day for none to show. I am getting a bad credit rating also as online there asking for payments for these purchases even tho I've told littlewoods there not what I want and they need picking up, this as put me off ever using littlewoods again as now I think I'm being scammed out of money I haven't got. Get someone to removes theses packages from my home, I am also disabled and live in a 1 bed roomed flat with baby stuff in here too I do not have the room to store these packages. There just sitting in my hallway taking up space. I am very disgusted at this as not only has it been one Saturday its now been two, and no doubt will have to be another one after this unless someone can come after 5 in the week. This matter has stressed me out traumatically, which isn't good in my condition.

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