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Mrs Patricie's complaint against Littlewoods

Mrs Patricie Smith


The say they will deliver the goods on specific day but does not arrive my customer has been waiting

Complaint against Littlewoods

I ordered a play station 4 for a customer they told me it would be delivered on the 28 October I phones the nest day they phoned the courier up and they asked me for the address of the delivery place told them and they told me it was going to a different address but I told them the exact address and name it is for they told me it is going to be delivered on the 29 October it is now 29 October time 4.35 but still no package. This was for a birthday present and the young boy he was up at 6.30 on the 28 October when it was supposed to be delivered. This is bad communication on Littlewoods part, this is not the first time this has happened to me..

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