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Sally's complaint against ACHICA

Sally Smith


Achica worst online retailer ever

Complaint against ACHICA

Ordered 3 prints 16th November 2015, 2 arrived 8th December 2015 1 missing, contacted ACHICA on 17th December 2015 , and they said no stock, so I am without a christmas present for a friend with 6 days to get something and post it. Why does Achica accept orders on their website when they have insufficient stock very poor system. Achica are not the cheapest and they have had my money for a month, and I have to wait 5-7 days before I get a refund. If they do this to enough customers they can just earn interest for a month and then say sorry but you cannot have your order, not even a token gift or replacement item offered Cannot possibly recommend Achica after this my first order don't think they will see me back on their website Do not deal with Achica they are unreliable and expensive

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ACHICA failed to resolve this complaint

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Did not fulfill order didn't care charlatan's
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