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Susan's complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Susan Williams


bad customer service

Complaint against Oak Furniture Land

I received a tv unit and nest of tables today. The tv unit was too big and I telephoned to see if I could change it for a smaller one. I was told that I would have to pay a £50 return fee. I said that I thought that this was excessive and wanted to speak to a manager. I was told that there was no one available and I would still be told the same thing. I phoned again and arranged for a manager to phone me back. When the manager rang he said exactly the same as the previous 2 females. It was if they were reading off a pre written card. When I said that it would surely be better for them to actually change the unit and still make a sale rather than insist I paid the £50 in which case I would return the unit and not use Oakfurnitureland again. He was pompous and talked down to me as if i was beneath him, he said that it was the customers responsibility to make sure that items ordered would fit and that they could not make deliveries across the board for nothing. I told him him I would send unit back and never use them again. I would have sent back the nest of tables as well but he said I would have to pay more. He may have been a manger in name but he obviously did not know how to resolve a problem and probably did not have the authority to do so in the first place........if he did then I feel that Oakfurnitureland had placed their trust in the wrong person.

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lesley Podmore | | VERIFIED

Please email me [email protected] as I am preparing a case to go to court with Oak Furnitureland and also have contacted BBC Watchdog.
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