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Linda's complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Linda Grace


High Expectations Sorely Disappointed

Complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Ordered 2 pieces online of furniture for bedroom. First thing the boxes arrived soaking wet as if they had been stored in wet/damp conditions. One piece of furniture had a chip on the front. Phoned customer service several times but sorely disappointed by the service and on the outcome. Felt like I was unimportant and the whole experience stressed me out. I was recommended to try them but I would find it hard to recommend them myself.

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Sue Oldhamstead | | VERIFIED

I have just had to pay OFL £81 to return defective furniture purely because I was unable to photograph the defects.I explained that it was IMPOSSIBLE TO PHOTOGRAPH as the unusable fixing bolt holes were recessed and IMPOSSIBLE TO PHOTOGRAPH."In that case" said the customer services person "we cannot take it back unless you pay the £81".I WILL NEVER KNOWINGLY BUY ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Sue Oldhamstead | | VERIFIED

Linda Grace | | VERIFIED

I am really sad this happened to you but not surprised. They should be refunding you the £81. Have you put in an complaint? I did and got £75 refunded for all the stress caused and sent new furniture.
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