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Omid's complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Omid Farivar


Low quality matres

Complaint against Oak Furniture Land

I bought a bed with matres with 5 years comprehensive protection on both parts. after almost one year , the matres is spitted from the middle . I rang the office and arranged for repair . A technician came and checked the matres and said you damaged it and it is not covered by warranty . I told them , Bed is a place to rest and there is enough space to play football , how could it be damaged . I asked the office about the meaning of "Comprehensive protection". I want to say , When you go to buy something , They explain a lot and show you heaven but if something happen , they leave you in a hell . Do not believe these people (Oak Furniture land) . I have to pay 5 years the cost in instalment and practically I can not use the bed. On my protection is written : "UPHOLSTERY MATTRESS PROTECTOR STAINS, ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE & STRUCTURE" It is really unfair to a customer to pay for 5 years for "according to the seller the best quality matres" but you find out they sold you a low quality product. policy number :703908

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lesley Podmore | | VERIFIED

Please email me [email protected] as I am preparing a case to go to court with Oak Furnitureland and also have contacted BBC Watchdog.
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