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Michelle's complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Michelle Lovelock


Oak Furnitureland not part of Ombudsman

Complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Oak furnitureland, one of the countries leading furniture retailers are not registered with the Ombudsman scheme, this means that they are not accountable to the furniture ombudsman. If you have any issues with your furniture, you have no form of comeback or support from the Ombudsman so if Oakfurnitureland disagree with your complaint or concern regarding your purchases then you are on your own. Oh, and the Ombudsman said as they are unable to help try Citizens advice. Oakfurnitureland should have the courage and moral integrity and register as a member of the scheme so they can stand up and be accountable.

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lesley Podmore | | VERIFIED

Please email me [email protected] as I am preparing a case to go to court with Oak Furnitureland and also have contacted BBC Watchdog.
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