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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Oak Furniture Land

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Shoddy Goods and they refuse to resolve the issues.

Complaint against Oak Furniture Land

Re Order number: 1779469 Dear Sirs, I am contacting you concerning my Tokyo Lamp Table under order reference: the table is less than a year old and now has two large splits to the legs of the table. I have waxed the table as per the instructions on your website and used the correct wax polish as advised to prevent the wood from drying up and splitting however; even though I have cared for the product as asked the table has developed 2 large splits as can be seen from the attached photos. I note that upon viewing the product photos on your site and in your stores that the lamp table on display was free from splits and defects so I can only assume that the splits have occurred due to poor manufacturing of the table. Under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) it states goods that you supply must be free from any defect that makes their quality unsatisfactory and that would not be apparent on a reasonable examination of the sample. The goods must also last for a reasonable amount of time and be of satisfactory quality. Given the amount of money the table cost me I would have expected it to last much longer than just 11 months. In light of the above I am requesting that you please kindly replace this faulty table with a brand new replacement and I would appreciate it if you would please ensure that the replacement lamp table is extensively inspected all over prior to being sent out to me in an attempt to try and prevent any reoccurring issues. Upon receipt of such confirmation I shall provide you with my availability so that the appropriate arrangements can be made for the current table to be collected as well as delivering the new replacement at the same time. I have included a photo of the inspection label for your ease of reference. May I thank you for taking the time to read this email and I would very much hope that we can come to an amicable agreement to resolve this matter without the need for me to involve further parties. I ask that you please confirm receipt of this email and that any correspondence from your company concerning this matter be by email or letter only so that all correspondence is fully documented.

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lesley Podmore | | VERIFIED

Please email me [email protected] as I am preparing a case to go to court with Oak Furnitureland and also have contacted BBC Watchdog.
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