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Tamara's complaint against The Range

Tamara Randall


Appaling Service

Complaint against The Range

Dear Sir or Madam My Husband and I have felt that we needed to express our recent experience at the Range Sutton in Ashfield Store on Friday 9th August at approx. 4 :30 pm. I had the week before purchased a bathroom cabinet from the said store, and on opening the packaging at home noticed that there was a smashed mirror. I took the cabinet back to the store on the 9th August with my Husband and explained our situation, where the assistant at the desk, said "go and fetch another one". I went to the isle trying to locate another/same cabinet to exchange, the cabinet I required was not available, so I picked another cabinet up that had a price tag on the shelf which was the same price as my original one, so decided on that one, I took this back to the assistant at the cash desk, and waited, she scanned the box and said that will be £10.00 to pay, I explained that it was the same price, as the smashed one, she said "well its come up at £10'00 dearer, by this time I had been waiting quite along time, she said I will get someone to check, I said No I will check as I could have made the mistake, I went to the Isle and fetched the price tag that was on the shelf, and did notice that there were items in the wrong place and wrong price tags in the wrong place, but the price tag under the cabinet that I had picked was correct, so took it back to the assistant, who on seeing the price and said "oh yes it is not £10 pounds dearer" and asked for the supervisor to come . This is where I am astounded to be treated with such disrespect from a staff member at this store, his attitude was astoundingly rude and disrespectful, after the assistant had explained what had gone wrong, JOSH Supervisor stated that as the price had come up on the till as £10 pounds dearer, that is what it would have to be sold at, I explained about the price tag etc., he then stated "well it is human error" I said that it was not human error, and that it was his responsibility to ensure that the goods were priced correctly and items should be in the correct place under the correct pricing, there was no apology, no "oh I am sorry for the inconvenience at you having to bring items back to the store that were damaged, I was informed that the best they could do is give me 10% off, which |I felt was not good enough, His whole attitude left both my Husband and I, feeling we had been let down. Surely as a huge store like The Range can ensure correct pricings, and ensure that customer service is a little more sensitive, I feel our experience at the store was terrible and was handled appallingly. Kind Regards Tamara Randall

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