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Daisy's complaint against The Range

Daisy Butcher


Awful Sofa Delivery

Complaint against The Range

If I could give 0 stars, I would. We received a frankly atrocious service the Range with our sofa order. We made our order online on 30th July for the New Charleston Three Seater Recliner Sofa (order number W93774525) and paid for express delivery, which meant delivery in 3-5 working days. The delivery service provided by ArrowXL was awful, as they did not communicate at all about when the delivery would be, and out of the blue one day told us that it would be on Wednesday 7th August. So my partner took the day off from work to accept this delivery, only to be told in the morning that the delivery had failed because they did not load it onto the van. Poor start already, so this was rebooked for Monday 12th August and my partner again took the day off of work. The ArrowXL crew arrived and told my partner that they could not lift the item up the stairs to our flat because it weighed 100kg and was a health and safety risk as there were only two of them. At no point did we receive a call or a survey from ArrowXL asking about access to the property. Following this, the delivery company went on to lie to my partner about what the process was next and intimidated my partner to the point of tears to sign for the delivery so they could carry on with their deliveries as they "had to go". They lied that the usual procedure was to let them put it in the ground floor communal hallway and call the Range to collect it again. The 100kg box was left downstairs in the hallway (we have photos), blatantly impeding access to my elderly neighbour's front door to their ground floor flat, and pressured my partner into signing for it, saying that in order for the item to be later collected by The Range, it had to be signed for first. They also said that four people would be needed to carry this up the stairs (so why did they not plan the correct amount of crew in the first place?). The delivery crew had obviously struggled to get the box to where it was dropped and clearly didn't want to take it back to the van, so hassled my partner in this way as well. There was damage to the box, with multiple tears and holes and our sofa has also got some scuff marks on it as well. My partner was then left home alone with a 100kg box with no one available to help out on a work-day, and clearly was not able to lift this item on her own, so how the delivery company thought this was acceptable, we'll never know. As this box was a blatant fire hazard and impeding access, this had to be moved ASAP. My partner called up The Range straight away, and after 20 minutes on hold, spoke to the Range Customer Services, who were really unhelpful and kept putting her on hold, my partner was clearly upset however they were no help at all and kept repeating that they 'did not know what to suggest'. We then had no choice but to contact a removals company to come out at short notice to carry the item upstairs to our property, at our own cost. The delivery company who arrived used two men also, and did this is less than 10 minutes. The invoice for this is also attached. My partner again called up The Range Customer Services Team who were extremely unhelpful, suggesting that because the item was signed for it could not be returned (in direct contradiction to what we were advised by the ArrowXL crew), and because we had waited 9 days for the delivery (way over the express 3-5 days) my partner also asked for the express delivery charge to be refunded. However, The Range customer service refused to even do this, claiming that the express delivery had been fulfilled because delivery was attempted on the 7th August (two things, the 7th is 6 working days past the 30th July, and delivery was NOT attempted because the goods weren't even loaded). In resolution to this, we are demanding from you compensation in the form of the express delivery charge which clearly was not very express, and compensation to the full amount of the invoice attached from the removals company, who we had to call out to move the obstructing item. In addition to this, my colleague had to take two days off of work, at great inconvenience. We are in no way happy with the service provided by The Range, both for the delivery and for the customer service (or lack of) that my tearful partner received when making the phone call to ask for advice on what to do next. This issue has cause us great inconvenience, money out of our own pockets and distress, and we would appreciate a resolution to what we have raised, as we now have negative feelings towards The Range and its customer services.

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