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Libby's complaint against The Range

Libby Karbow


[RESOLVED] - Inconsistent and unreliable service

Complaint against The Range

When you spend £899 on 2 products you expect to receive a reasonable service from the time you place the order until the transaction is fully complete and you are a happy customer right? Placing an order and taking your money for (supposedly) complementary products went relatively smoothly however I've subsequently lost any good will I had toward The Range when trying to return one of the products which I subsequently found out doesn't even go with the other. They were meant to be a set, but the website lacked important product information and was misleading. The Range clearly demonstrate they don't want 'returns' and have a poorly trained customer service team who provide inconsistent advice and fail to deliver what they say they would do. They asked me for a convenient date to collect the return (they offered this service) and now on four occasions I've provided a suitable date yet each time there's been some excuse as to why the product can't be collected such as not actually replying to me until after the date I had requested, advising they are experiencing 'technical difficulties', or the pick-up arranged for a random day - any day than the one actually requested. Once can be put down to an honest misunderstanding - multiple times is a major service failure and/or deliberate unscrupulous practices. I still have an unusable product weeks later and I'm out of pocket £100 as they don't refund until the product is returned. I have contacted them 3 times since the last failed collection to try to get this resolved, I have even given them an alternate address that can be used 'on any day; so there could be no excuse as to why the product can't be collected and my refund processed. Now they are just not replying at all. They are really rubbish....

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Libby Karbow | | VERIFIED

The Range has made contact and we have resolved this matter. They were just a little slow to follow-up.They have though and the product has now been returned and refund received.
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