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Andrew's complaint against The Range

Andrew Porter


Shoddy Goods, Shoddy Practices

Complaint against The Range

I bought an expandable garden hose from the Ipswich store. Connected it to the tap when I got home and found the output to be very low pressure. My jet wash wouldn't function with it at all, and using it to water plants involved walking right up to them and effectively pouring water from the spray gun onto them. I returned to the store a week later and explained that the product wasn't fit for purpose, and that I wanted to buy a traditional (and more expensive) hose instead. the customer services person told me to go and sort out the items that I wanted and to return to her when I had. I returned to the CS desk about 20 minutes later to find that I would now have to wait for the hose to be tested. Another 15 minutes or so later the CS Manager emerged and took the hose to be tested. He returned and said that because water came out of the end it wasn't faulty and would not be refunded. Further the "Changed Your Mind" policy wouldn't apply because I had used it before deciding that it wasn't up to scratch. I explained that, without testing it, I couldn't tell if it was fit for purpose but he just kept repeating the same words. After a while the original CS person advised me to go home and deal with Head Office instead. Interestingly, while I was waiting 2 other customers were also refused refunds because items were not faulty but had been used and couldn't therefore be refunded under "Changed Your Mind" including another hose customer who's hose connectors were leaking everywhere but was advised that he must be putting to much pressure through it. It certainly looked as if nobody was going to get a refund from this CS Desk. I, of course, dumped my purchases and left the store never to return. I won't waste my time complaining to Head Office as it looks as if The Range official company policy is to deny refunds in all cases. Instead I'll take every opportunity to warn people about their shoddy goods and their even more shoddy practices.

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