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Charlotte's complaint against The Range

Charlotte rawicki


Want furniture in time for guests, dream on with The Range!

Complaint against The Range

We first went in to The Range mid March to buy a dresser and bedside table to match a set we were given. The chap said it was out of stock and they were expecting it in, in 2 weeks time and to come back, went back 2 weeks later saw the same chap, he checked and said they were still out of stock and come back in another 2 weeks. We asked to pre-order so when it was in stock we could automatically receive it, but he said we couldn't. We asked to buy the display, but again we were told we couldn't. Went back another 2 weeks later, so we're now at 20th April, and again asked to order it from a different guy. This one said it was in stock and we could order it, hooray! He had been off for a week, and the system had changed, so he got his manager to help take the order. The Range had changed as previously stock came to them then customer would pick it up, but now stock would be delivered straight to our house. After chatting with the manager and mentioning the hassle, she said that if only we had come that morning as we could have had the floor sample...! This got our back up as we'd previously asked for this, but she reassured us we'd get the new ones in 7-10 days. 7-10 days came and went, and now On 6th May my partner rang to find out where it was. He was told the new supplier is only contactable via email, so they'd email and call back with details, we got a voicemail stating that it should be 14 WORKING days, so they apologised and said they were still within that, and that we were the first order placed on the new system. So, 14 working days came and went, and on the 20th May I rang to find out where it was. They again said they would look into it and call back. Eventually they called back and said sorry it's now out of stock. I questioned why products allocated to me had been given to someone else but they said it isn't work like that. After much arguing they said I could get a full refund and go somewhere else (now being out of pocket for all the phone calls and tim) or wait until the new expected date of 1st June. I ran their head office to complain Who were less than helpful and said they can't look into orders and I need to speak to the store, I explained that it was a complaint about the store and she said they can't deal with those and I need to speak to the store. I feel that they haven't done anything to help the situation and have been passed from pillar to post. I'm still unsure as to whether I'll be receiving it on the 1st June! Overall, terrible customer service!

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Vernon Khanna | | VERIFIED

you are misunderstanding what The Range is. Its like a pound shop. Buying end of line stuff. This is why you will seldom get success with customer services.
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