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Ben's complaint against Currys PC World

Ben Ireland


[LAPSED] Product Support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I came across a £5 deduction on my debit card titled "product support ag". Apparently this for an extended warranty for a laptop bought in 2013!! I don't take out extended warranties as technology changes too fast and anything outside of the 12month manufacturers' warranty is pointless. Plus I have household contents insurance to cover an major mishaps! I spoke to the customer care team to complain about this. Whilst they cancelled the policy on the phone, they said I would need to produce a receipt to prove I didn't take out the policy in order to do any refund! - I don't keep 5 year old receipts! They have taken more then the actual cost of the laptop from my account, for a policy I never agreed to! Unfortunately I just have my word against theirs, so I don't know my legal standing. Any advise?

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Lapsed. Ben has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Ben, I'm really sorry that the customer services team were not able to assist with a refund of the service plan. I completely understand where you're coming from, however it is your responsibility to manage your finances and query any unknown transactions.I apologise that we are not able to assist you further on this occasion. Ref: SPK898

Ben Ireland | | VERIFIED

I find that response to be just 'passing-the-buck'! It was a Curry's employee that has signed me up to an unwanted service. Some would go as far to say this is stealing! No different to PPI! It's easy to keep taking money without question. I would ask how many other people are in the same boat!? Judging by the forums, quite a lot! Oh, the laptop in question was replaced 2 years ago! It broke!!


Hi Ben, I'd be happy to review your case. Please send your full address, contact number and a copy of this review to [email protected] using the reference provided above: SPK898. Thanks - Lucy.

Ben Ireland | | VERIFIED

Thank you Lucy. I'll send the details later today.


No problem. Thanks. AK
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