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Michael's complaint against Currys PC World

Michael Hibbert


[LAPSED] Product support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I found out last night that I have been charged £11 a month since March 2014 for a service contract on a laptop i bought. I never agreed to anything like that! When i called the number (on my bank statement) It was Currys PC World KnowHow. They said they would stop the payment but would not refund me for almost £400 pound they have charged me. My bank knew about this scam straight away but are unwilling to challenge the claim. I am not happy. Any suggestions for next steps? Social Media? Citizens Advice Bureau? I feel cheated and don't want to leave this alone.

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Lapsed. Michael has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Michael, I'm sorry if this payment has come as a surprise to you. Regrettably as this appears on your original receipt and each monthly statement thereon, I would be unable to refund the payments already made. If the cover is still live, I can certainly arrange its immediate cancellation if you can provide your full name, address and make/model of laptop? Thanks - Marcus

Michael Hibbert | | VERIFIED

Dear Marcus This comes as know surprise to me. I was never informed about this cover, it was simply put on my receipt and I was somehow expected to know that it was up to me to cancel it. As far as it being on my statement, 'product support AG' gave me know indication that this was a service contact that came with my laptop. Given the option I would have said no. I will NEVER buy at Currys again.

Michael Hibbert | | VERIFIED

I will now resort to Social media warning other consumers.


Sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction Michael. Has the Service Agreement been cancelled, if not please provide me with the details requested by my colleague. I can then arrange for the Service Agreement to be cancelled with immediate effect - Shaun

Michael Hibbert | | VERIFIED

I have phoned to cancel the service plan (the was never any agreement) and lodged a dispute with my bank.


No worries Michael, thank you for the update. We shall await details/instructions from your bank/card provider - Shaun
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