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Mark's complaint against Currys PC World

Mark Donaldson


[LAPSED] AG Support payments

Complaint against Currys PC World

Just noticed that payments for £10.50 are being made from my current account to Product AG support, after checking google this seems to be from currys the only think I have bought from there was a laptop about 4 years ago, and I certainly did not sign up for any additional support or warranty with it.

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Lapsed. Mark has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Mark, if you can email your full address and make of laptop to [email protected] with ref SPK254 in the subject bar, I can have a look into it for you. Thanks, Rach

Mark Donaldson | | VERIFIED

Hi Rach, My email is [email protected] My address is 2 Elm Grove St Monans Ky102DA Although at that time I think it was 2a Gourlay crescent ST Monans KY102az


Hi Mark, thank you for the info. I've found the agreement (ref BGG3KHFD) for a HP laptop. Please advise if you want this to be cancelled and I can process that for you. Thanks, Rach

Mark Donaldson | | VERIFIED

Yes please cancel, I never agreed to anything like that when I bought the laptop, in fact I can remember saying no when all the extras were offered to me, what I would like to know is how you can take this money every month without me agreeing to it?


Hi Mark, the payments are authorised one of two ways, either by signing a Direct Debit form or via the Chip & PIN machine. The paperwork is then put with the receipt and the receipt shows the agreement as a separate transaction. I will cancel it now for you. Thanks, Rach

Mark Donaldson | | VERIFIED

Yet well I paid for the computer through chip and pin so what your saying is that The shop just added it without permission?


Hi Mark, the machine asks for authorisation via the green button prior to entering your PIN. Thanks, Rach

Mark Donaldson | | VERIFIED

Okay I'm obviously fighting a losing battle here but going by all the complaints I have seen regarding this service on the internet does it not say something about your systems or sales people, that so many people are paying for this service that don't even know about it or agreed to it in the first place, I for one won't be shopping at Currys again, please cancel this service Regards Mark


Hi Mark, I am sorry you feel that way. I've cancelled the agreement with immediate effect. Thanks, Rach
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