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Matthew's complaint against Currys PC World

Matthew O'Shea


Product Support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have been charged £6.50 every month for something I never asked for. I was asked if I wanted product support when I bought a new laptop in August last year, to which I declined. They gave me a card should I which to activate it but I never contacted them to do this. I have looked at my bank statements as far back as September 2015 and I have been charged for every month since then. I assumed that I would have to set up a standing order/direct debit for this service, which is why I assumed that this was not an issue. It came to my attention when there was suspicious activity on my bank transfers for an unrelated matter. I expect Currys PC World to refund me the full £97.50 owed to me.

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Currys PC World failed to resolve this complaint

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Hi Matthew, thanks for getting in touch with us on here. I'm sorry that you were not aware of the product support set up on your laptop. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please send a private message with your address and receipt details on and I can get this cancelled for you - Ian

Matthew O'Shea | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message


Hi Matthew, Agreement has been cancelled - separate confirmation will be posted to your new address. The Care Plan was shown on the receipt, along with the mandate number, under the section "Product Support" followed by "monthly payment". As the first payment was deducted from the cost of the item, you needed to cancel this as noted in the T&C attache to the receipt, so unable to offer refund. -J

Matthew O'Shea | | VERIFIED

Ok I accept that but I've just noticed that the last payment was due on July 2016, so why has it been debited for August, September and October of this year? Surely I am owed a refund for those 3 months?


It was an auto-renewing monthly payment plan which only expires on request or if the machine is replaced in accordance with the terms and conditions provided. - Jay

Matthew O'Shea | | VERIFIED

This was mis-sold to me. They would not refund me but sis cancel future payments.
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