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Jim's complaint against Currys PC World

Jim Palmer


[LAPSED] 9 Month old 'State of the art' UHD TV breaks down.

Complaint against Currys PC World

Our 9 month old UHD curved screen 'state of the art' TV broke down. According to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, Currys PC World are within their rights to repair instead of replace but their attitude was woeful. Despite asking them if they believed it was 'reasonable' for a 9 month old TV to completely break down, and having to be without a TV for possibly 2 weeks whilst awaiting a repair, they continually quoted legislation and insisted nothing else could be done. They would not answer any questions about their stance being 'reasonable', nor answer questions about their stance not being very customer-friendly or even a good advert for customer relations. It was a little like trying to converse with a robot. They would not waver from quoting the Consumer Rights Act 2015 about companies having the right to repair above all else. The Act says if goods over 6 months are faulty they can insist on a repair but when I asked how long their repair is guaranteed for their answer was 90 days. I pointed out that it was possible for goods to become faulty after six months and one day, then a repair to fail after 91 days, meaning that a one year guarantee meant nothing! They replied by quoting the Consumer Rights Act 2015! I am VERY disappointed by their attitude and felt in the interest of customer relations, they could have spoken to me in a more professional manner, instead of simply quoting after every point and question I raised. They will not have my custom again and I shall be informing all my relatives and using social media wherever possible to highlight their abysmal customer relations stance.

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Lapsed. Jim has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Jim, thanks for your post, sorry to learn of your upset & that your TV developed a fault outside of the replacement time-frame. This is the reason warranties exist as electronic units now literally have millions of parts which can fail. It also means you do not have to pay to prove the cause of a fault - which you are liable to do. If you'd like me to check repair for you will need ref? - Jay
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