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peter's complaint against Currys PC World

peter gaskell


[LAPSED] laptop

Complaint against Currys PC World

my son tried to purchase a laptop from curry's website, but the site would not let him do this. We phoned the customer services line and a lady took the order and took full payment of product over the telephone. After two weeks of not hearing from them we spent many hours on the phone to them being passed from person to person, without any conclusion, over several days. I took time off work and went to Curry's (in store, Ashton under lyne). i explained everything to the store manager, he informed us that they were no longer stocking that product and the person should never have taken payment as their were none available. After several phone calls he manage to track one down at another store, and made arrangements to pick it up and for us to come back the day after and collect the product. We went back to collect the product and was told we would have to purchase the laptop (£299) again, and he will cancel the online purchase and get the payment refunded into my sons account. Two weeks have gone by and the refund has still not been issued, we have paid twice for the same laptop, once again after spending nearly 90 minutes on the phone to customer services, only to be told we will look into this. This is extremely poor service, we have paid twice for the same product, not to mention the costs involved for the time we have spent (must be over six hours in total) on the phone, going to and from the store, taken time off work, and many weeks suffering with the stress and worry concerning the above. Without so much as an apology, what we require is a refund for the product that was purchased over the phone, and a full explanation for all of the above events. (ref number: CUR1637871661)

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Lapsed. peter has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Paul, I understand your frustration. Unfortunately it looks as though this specific model is a discontinued line. As we do not anticipate receiving further stock from our suppliers we have had to cancel the order. A refund of the sale has since been requested, which the purchaser should now have received. Please accept my apology for any disappointment. Richard

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peter gaskell | | VERIFIED

this is the figure told to myself from your customer services). Thirdly your explanation does not include the reasons for taking so long to sort out, the lack of information given, the poor customer service provided and the costs incurred by myself for the events mentioned in the original compliant. I feel you need to escalate this matter, as you have failed in answer the issues above.


Thanks Peter, If you would like to outline the resolution that you are seeking, i'll be happy to consider your request further. I look forward to hearing from you. Richard

peter gaskell | | VERIFIED

Thanks for the reply, as no explanation has been offered, i know from speaking to customer services, that other people were offered a free upgrade, therefore having taken the value of this into account, i feel a compensation figure of £70 should cover the losses and inconveniences that we have suffered.


Hi Peter. We would require contact from your son as the named purchaser. We can then look at what can be done as a gesture of goodwill. Our contact number is 0344 561 1234. Thanks. Carrie.
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