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Complaint against Currys PC World

This is a copy of my email to Currys: REFERENCE ORDER #CUR1637604738 Am very dissatisfied with you order system and wish to complain and I will be posting my complaint on every available review web site. On 22 of November I decided to purchase an LG TV from Currys and went to the local store in Telford. The item in question is your part #162366 LG model LG-49UH668V 49” TV exclusive to Currys. There were 2 in stock in store, however, the TV was too big to fit into my car and to my surprise Currys did not offer a local delivery service, however, I was advised to order online to get home delivery. I placed the order for this TV @ £499.00 including delivery. After I processed payment did I notice that your system does not indicate stock availability until you have a firm order!!! To my horror the order confirmation stated deliver 2 to 4 weeks!! WHY does your system not inform stock availability until final order process? I was not willing to wait that long as I have already sold the current TV we own. I called customer services and was informed of the following (which I can prove) Your employee agreed that the “stock availability” was frustrating and quote “it would make his life a lot easier if it did” so I assume this is an on-going complaint. I then requested to cancel the order and process a refund, he informed me no problem; however, it would take up to 5 working days for the refund into my account. I asked why Currys can take money within a few hours despite no stock but it takes 5 working days to arrange a refund! Not very fair is it!! He then ASSURED me that 50 pcs were due the next day and 47 were on order including mine and if I would hold on and not cancel I would have the TV by Monday 28th November. As I am not a millionaire and do not have funds to purchase elsewhere prior to the prolonged refund I agreed and was informed I would receive a text maybe today to confirm a delivery date. Well as of one hour ago no such information was forthcoming so I called the service dept. To be told the following: on my repeated comment regarding the stock information prior to order finalisation the reply was again “I agree it would make our lives much easier” again an indication that this is a common complaint that Currys management choose to ignore as many multi retailers do. He then went on to inform me that the TV’s were not due until 28th November not the 23rd!! And that 129 were on order and 300 pcs were due. Who’s telling porkies? I than informed him of my total disappointment in my first and last purchase from Currys and would cancel and get refund, however, of course Currys wont refund until maybe Thursday 1st December i.e. 5 working days from tomorrow!!!! So as he pointed out IF the goods arrive on the 28th I WILL get delivery 30th November latest. BLACKMAIL or what!! So maybe you can comment on this, I’m sure nothing will be done to improve your service looking in Google at the number of negative complaints about Currys confirms this. If I had ordered a similar TV from Argos it would have been delivered same day for £3.95!!!

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Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear your tv has not arrived when expected, my apologies. So I can help further, please private message me your full name and address. Thanks, Marcus
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