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Gonçalo's complaint against Currys PC World

Gonçalo Silva


[LAPSED] Product support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have purchased a few things from PC world from a laptop to a Panasonic TV. A month after buying the TV (which was at 21/12/15, 9 months ago) I noticed a payment for £4.50 had been taken out of my credit-card for product support and did not know what it was for. I had a few other buys at the time and assumed it had to do with that. I've had a lot of transactions in past few months and didn't realise I was still being charged those £4.50 after 9 months. Looking in Product Support AG complaints, I find that PC World has conned lots of customers, and most of them had no idea that they had been signed up to this without them knowing. I wish for this to stop and a refund of £40.50 (from last 9 months) to be placed back into my credit-card account. Is this possible? They will never get any more business from me, and I will make sure this goes out to millions of people on twitter and facebook to make sure they do not get conned as well.

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Lapsed. Gonçalo has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Goncalo, Thank you for your post. Please can you send the above post along with your address to [email protected] so this matter can be looked into. We look forward to receiving the details - Tony

Gonçalo Silva | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your fast answer Tony, I did send the email and am now waiting for a response. Gonçalo


Hi,I can confirm it has been received at 1.59 and will be responded to - Tony
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