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Anthony's complaint against Currys PC World

Anthony Brown


[LAPSED] AG product Support Scandal

Complaint against Currys PC World

After being subjected to this potentially fraudulent practice personally, I investigated the issue in the wider community and I am astounded by the scale of people who have also been affected and with many more going unreported. Like the many thousands of people I did not recognize the description of the charge levied each month on my statement as it is designed to be deceptive. I NEVER get any extended warranties for anything and Refused in store, but they took it anyway. This is on a par with the PPI scandal and needs watchdog/rip off Britain/private eye money saving expert etc. to bring this to light. The most commonest words used by people are scam and fraud. this goes back at least nine years and is still going on today. I have had to change my card and am out of pocket by £168.00 taken without my knowledge ,or consent, and many more people have had much more taken. The company representative (Ke*th) would not give his second name and promised a partial refund £48.00 (???) as that was company policy!, he would not process this at the time, stating someone from finance would call to get details, (they never did this and they already had all my details any way). I informed him that I required the full amount, but he was very evasive, short and unconcerned with my complaint. This may be in the realms of criminal behavior and I may be able to organize a class action legal challenge via a go fund me if there is enough feedback or I do not get anywhere with Watchdog/Rip off Britain/Private eye. I have listed some of reports in links below for a better overview of scale of things. it is the same thing happening to all of us. I have no issue with anyone taking out this plan legitimately, but the overriding key legal point is this: everyone who has had money taken out, has not been aware that it was for a insurance cover i.e. product support plan and this being the case, no one would ever make a claim as they are not aware that they had a policy in place, which means that they are taking money off people for nothing. Curry’s/pc world reported 2,637 complaints AG product support scam charges 97 complaints AG product support scam charges THIS LINK IS REGARDING CURRY/PC WORLD SET UP FEE SCAM NOT AG PRODUCT SUPPORT BUT STILL RELEVANT

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Lapsed. Anthony has not responded in 90 days

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Anthony Brown | | VERIFIED


Hi Anthony, really sorry to hear of the issues. If you do still require assistance with this matter, please email [email protected] with reference SPK180953 in the subject line. It would be good if you could also include your full address, receipt details for the product, and any other references you have. Thanks. - Jack
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