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Deborah Woodriffe (re Ellie's complaint against Currys PC World

Deborah Woodriffe (re Ellie Thompson)


[LAPSED] Bad and rude customer service

Complaint against Currys PC World

I purchased Apple MacBook and equipment on 15/09/2016. Member of staff was utterly rude to my daughter, her friend and I. When I asked if there was a deal ie money off as I was buying 3 products of approximately £1000, his reply was " would you go to sainsburys and expect money off because potatoes are mis-shaped". £2 bag of potatoes is no comparison to £1000 worth of computer and equipment I replied. He mumbled under his breathe saying he was going to walk out and go home in a minute. He got annoyed that my daughters friend knew a lot about computers and was advising us on products. At the check out, my daughters friend had a friends and family Dixon card allowing 10% discount, he refused us to use it, stating it didn't included friends only family, which caused heated debate. He also said if it was allowed to be used we would lose cash back discount!.Have since found out the card does include friends. To top that off there were some mini frying pans on check out counter top, he said many husbands buy them to hit their wives over the head. When my back was turned my daughter saw him mimic the frying pan action at me ! If the man had been friendly I would of took the frying pan incident as funny, but his attitude was extremely rude and moody. I needed to buy a laptop that day as my daughter was going to university the next day. Believe me if I had more time to go somewhere else to buy one I would of. This behaviour by your staff is totally unacceptable and at this moment in time my feelings are I will not be shopping in Currys in the future !

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Lapsed. Deborah Woodriffe (re Ellie has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Deborah, thank you for your contact. I am shocked to hear of the details of your visit to one of our stores. So I can log this and inform the relevant management, please provide your full address, receipt number and store number via private message or by emailing [email protected] Thanks, Rach

Deborah Woodriffe (re Ellie Thompson) | | VERIFIED

I recieved a apology and going to be a internal investigation and £40 good will.


I am glad this has been resolved for you Deborah - Thanks Georgia
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