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Claire's complaint against Currys PC World

Claire Smith


[LAPSED] Been paying for AG support for years without my permission

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have just realised recently that £5.50 has been coming out of my credit card account for over 2 years without my authorisation. I believe it must have been when I purchased a new tv for my partner for his birthday. At the time the gentleman asked if I wanted insurance and I definitely declined. I am not happy about this at all and would like this solved asap. Thanks, Claire Smith

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Lapsed. Claire has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Claire. I note your comments regarding a payment from your Credit Card. Can you please provide your full address including postcode so I can look into this for you? Thanks. Carrie.

Claire Smith | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your help Carrie, 39 Athelstan road Bournemouth Bh65ly Thanks, Claire


Hi Claire. I confirm that the payment was for a Care Plan for your Panasonic TV purchased from our Bournemouth branch in July 2014. The agreement is now cancelled and no further payments will be requested. I am unable to process a refund, as the terms of the agreement which are provided at the time of purchase confirm a refund is only available if cancelled within 14 days. Thanks. Carrie.

Claire Smith | | VERIFIED

I don't understand that as I declined such an insurance in the first place. It was offered but I definitely declined this. How can you charge someone for a direct debit when you haven't been given permission? You've had over £100 of my money without my permission!


Hello, Appreciate your comments and it shall be fed back for you. You would have either signed a mandate form, or entered your chip and pin to authorise the payments to be taken. As above it shall be fed back to ensure that this is looked into at store level. Thanks, Ollie.

Claire Smith | | VERIFIED

How can it be allowed to be authorised from paying the money for the tv? That's ridiculous! I never signed or agreed to anything at the time of purchase. As it was only minimal on my credit card i hadn't noticed till looking into another payment. I feel like I've been taken advantage of and conned to be honest. I can't believe something like this can be legal.


Hello, Apologies that you feel this way Claire. I cannot comment on what happened at store at the time as I was not privy. However we did gain authorisation from either the mandate or chip & pin. Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused. Ollie.

Claire Smith | | VERIFIED

How do you gain authorisation from chip and pin? Is that just from me putting my pin in to pay for the tv?


Hello, They would ask you to enter your card for the payments for the TV and then for the Care Plan. Apologies if it was not explained in more detail at the time. This is where we will feed back the situation to the branch. Thanks, Ollie.

Claire Smith | | VERIFIED

Is there any evidence of this? I don't recall doing anything of the sort. I'm not angry at you Ollie I just can't believe I have paid so much money on something I'm sure I haven't consented to.


Hi Claire, the confirmation of the agreement being set up, the monthly payment and agreement number will be detailed on your receipt. Thanks, Rach
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