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Melanie's complaint against Currys PC World

Melanie Levy


Breaking a verbal agreement and Disgusting customer service

Complaint against Currys PC World

Purchased a Logik oven on the 3rd May, which arrived on the 4th May. Used it for the first time on the 5th and food was over cooked. Used it a few days later, and when I opened the door, a rush of steam assailed me. Luckily I was wearing glasses or I could have been burnt. Again, the food was overcooked. As well as that, the oven has a dreadful smell. My husband phoned Currys on the 11th and was told that he could have a refund, once he provided the serial number. He phoned the following day to give them the number, and was told no, he could not have a refund. The second person told him that Logik would send an engineer to check it on the Friday. No time was given for this supposed visit, so my husband phoned Currys and Logik, but could not get hold of anyone. On Friday, he received a call to say they were coming in the afternoon between 2 and 6. Impossible for me as I fetch my daughter and then teach in the afternoon. The woman from Logik told my husband to take it or leave it, as they only offer whole day appointments. I was really upset with what was going on, so phoned and had to tell the same story to three different people. The only thing that I achieved, was getting someone to phone my husband with an exact slot for the engineer to come (my husband had to take a day's leave to wait for them!) The engineer said the oven was absolutely fine, and that you need to stand back when opening the door, so as not to get blasted. Ludicrous! More phone calls ensued, until my husband was again promised a refund. In total, the two of us spent over 3 hours on the phone, being shunted from pillar to post. Once assured of a refund, we ordered a new oven (not a Logik and not from Currys), only to be told a couple of days later that we would not be getting a refund! So my husband phoned John Lewis to cancel, and they, having fantastic customer service, said it was fine!

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Currys PC World failed to resolve this complaint

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Melanie Levy | | VERIFIED

As requested, an e-mail was sent to the address above on 15th June, but so far no response via either e-mail or this site

Melanie Levy | | VERIFIED

Details supplied June 17th

Melanie Levy | | VERIFIED

I'm still waiting for Currys to get back to me about this, so it has definitely NOT been resolved


Hi Melanie, I am sorry to hear of the issue you have registered. As the product has been used we would need to determine a fault to issue an exchange/refund. Given the engineer has not been unable to substantiate your claim, I understand your frustration. If you would like to email details to [email protected] we would be happy to look into your request. - Lloyd

Melanie Levy | | VERIFIED

As requested, an e-mail was sent to the address given above on the 15th June with further details, but so far I've had no response via either e-mail or this site.


Hi Warren, Thanks for getting in touch with us on here. I'm sorry to hear of the issue that you have had with your cooker. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. In order for us to look into this matter further please can you provide us with the following info: date of purchase store of purchase receipt nuimber your address details Regards, Ian

Melanie Levy | | VERIFIED

Replied to next e-mail on 18 June expressing my surprise that Currys are suddenly ordering a part to fix the issue


Hi Melanie, we understand that the part is being distributed direct by the manufacturer as a goodwill gesture, as you were unhappy with their engineers findings. I do hope this will help resolve your concerns. - Lloyd

Melanie Levy | | VERIFIED

Currys originally agreed to refund the oven then reneged saying they don't believe there is a problem.
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