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Lorraine's complaint against Currys PC World

Lorraine Healy


[LAPSED] Broke contract-

Complaint against Currys PC World

I purchased a kenwood cooker for my new kitchen on 22nd Nov 2016!, I paid for delivery, I received a call from delivery saying item was ready for delivery,I was not ready to fit cooker at time of purchase I was told I could put delivery on hold unit I'll I was ready. I went ahead an designed new kitchen fit out to incorporate oven dimensions, I received a call in Dec from currys saying they were waiting for my oven to come into stock and I would be notified when it was in, I tried explaining that I was told my oven was already in stock and was ready for delivery. Customer service could not offer any eplaination. On January 6th having bought my new kitchen I received a call from currys saying that the oven is out of stock and they won't be getting any more in and offered me a refund, I was horrified after 2 months I have a new kitchen and i cannot get oven to fit dimensions. I was not told what happend my oven or where it went too, a refund is of little use to me, customer service is non existent I asked to speak to a manager in the shop I was refused this, I was given an email for customer service and when I wrote to them the email was simply returned to the store where I received a message telling me I was wasting my time writing to customer service as all emails were being sent back to store and they could do nothing for me. I explained in store that I wanted the oven I had purchased or if this was not available I wanted an oven with the same dimesnsions as original. I was told by staff that there was another oven in store that had dimensions I was looking for but it cost 250e more. I can't afford this. I a so upset with currys I have written numerous times, it is now March and I have heard nothing back, I have No option at this point but to seek legal advice, I entered a contract with currys which the broke, Please for your own sake stay away from this company it is the worst I have ever come across, very disappointed as I had also bought a washing machine, dryer dishwasher weeks before, unless they resolve this issue I will never step foot in it again. Horrific experience.

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Lapsed. Lorraine has not responded in 90 days

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I'm sorry we could not hold stock of your cooker, my apologies Lorraine. Although from your comments it sounds like no longer have a supplier for this model, I would be happy to double check this for you. As such please provide your full name, address and the following from your purchase receipt: Branch number (4 digits), receipt number (6 digits). Thanks- Marcus.
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