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Lewis's complaint against Currys PC World

Lewis Horsman


[LAPSED] Product Support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have been in contact with Natwest in regards to £7.50 being taken out last week (25th August 2018) of my account under product support AG. I had no idea what this was and they said it was for something electrical. I had not purchased anything electrical for years. Natwest had told me that this payment had been coming out of my account since September 2017 and advised me to ring product support AG to find out more, which I did. When I spoke to product support AG I had an incredibly rude lady on the phone who spoke over me the whole time and told me to stop being rude, when I hadn't said anything and told me that, in fact, they have taken this payment out of my account since September 2014 for a laptop. I did not know this and she could not see why. I had never set up this product support, nor was I informed about it when I purchased the laptop outright. She then said that she cannot do anything about it and that I would not be receiving a refund whatsoever. I then rang up Currys customer services and the guy said that he couldn't see how I had not noticed this being taken out of my account and that he cannot do anything about it. I then requested to speak to a manager and he said that they would only say the same. I told the man that as a Natwest customer, I do not receive bank statements through the post and never have, and that I have not long been on mobile banking app though saw it and queried it. He understood my frustration, though he told me he couldn't do anything and asked me to ring my bank and complete an indemnity form. However, I am absolutely shocked that they have taken £7.50 out of my account for the past 47 months, without my knowledge on a laptop that I paid outright for. If I knew about this product support, I would have immediately have said no. They have therefore, unlawfully taken this money without my knowledge and because of the nature of Natwest being paperless and me not long having the mobile app, it has only just been brought to my attention. Now I am getting no help whatsoever, and being told that I am not entitled to any of the money back, which is completely wrong. With the price of the laptop I have paid for and the amount product support AG have taken unknowingly to myself, their customer, I could have brought a Mac Book. I am absolutely horrified that this is how they are treating their customers. I have seen that you have helped others in the past with regards to this matter and I am hoping that you could help me, this needs to be looked at within the company, as it seems that this is becoming a frequent issue. I have never had this hassle from them in the past, however, this has completely deterred me from purchasing a product with them in future.

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Lapsed. Lewis has not responded in 90 days

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Hi, Most concerned to learn about this. Please can you email us on [email protected] and quote reference number SPK180731. In your email can you include a copy of this review and your address details? Confident we can get this sorted for you, Lewis. Ollie.
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