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Laura's complaint against Currys PC World

Laura T


[LAPSED] Complaint to Currys for Product support never asked for

Complaint against Currys PC World

I bought a computer at Currys PC world in April 2015 and I just realised (yeah, I know, late) that they charged me monthly since May 2015 for product support I explicily said I did NOT want. I don't understand how a company can dare do this. Total lack of ethics.

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Lapsed. Laura has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Laura, I am sorry to learn I am sorry to learn that you were not aware that you had a support agreement with us. If you can send us your address via private message, we will be happy to cancel this for you. However, due to the time frame that you have outlined, there would be no refund entitlement. Leanne

Laura T | | VERIFIED

Please explain to me why you cannot refund me if I never applied to this agreement. Can you prove that I applied? Because otherwise I don't see how I wouldn't be entitled to a full refund. I remember distinctly expressing my wishes to NOT apply for support. Best, Laura

Laura T | | VERIFIED

I am not qure these messages are private as I can see other people's messages with their adresses in it, is there another more private way of discussing this? Thanks in advance. Best, Laura


Yes Laura, please email us at [email protected] - Leanne
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