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george's complaint against Currys PC World

george copeman


[RESOLVED] - Conned into buying a continuing 'customer support' with new laptop.

Complaint against Currys PC World

I bought a Lenovo laptop from Currys, Farnborough, Hants 26/10/16 and now find my credit card is being charged £5.50 per month for 'customer support'. I might have agreed to £5.50 for the one month, not continuing for a year. It is apparent from others reporting being caught out by the same trick that this is subterfuge by the sales staff that does the company's reputation no good. This must be stopped.

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Currys PC World resolved this complaint

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Hi George, I'm really sorry to hear this. Please accept my sincere apologies for the disappointment caused. This does seem to be for a knowhow Care Plan. In order to cancel this, you can contact our Knowhow Care Plan Team direct on 0344 561 1234. They are able to cancel this over the phone. - AK

george copeman | | VERIFIED

Thank you for that. Will they also refund what has been paid to date?


Hi George, I would recommend that you contact them direct and they will be able to fully advise you further. - AK

george copeman | | VERIFIED

I did and they say their systems are down, try again in the next couple of days. Your prompt replies are impressive. I hope that means I can look forward to a quick resolution when they are up again.


Hi George, They will be be able to offer a quick resolution to this matter, once the systems are up and running. Thanks. AK

george copeman | | VERIFIED

The four payments taken from my account have now been refunded. I'll not argue about the initial £5.50 added in to the sale in the shop. Nevertheless, this whole episode leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. As others have reported, this was sale by trickery.


My apologies for this unwanted support George, on cancellation this is fed back to the store - Thanks Georgia

george copeman | | VERIFIED

I am pleased that Currys repaid quickly but this hidden sale of customer support by trickery at the till must be stopped. Thanks to A Spokesman Said website for such an effective and efficient system.
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