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Kathryn 's complaint against Currys PC World

Kathryn Weaver-Prescott


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Complaint against Currys PC World

We purchased a Kenwood washing machine 2 years ago before Christmas, online from Curry’s, three Saturdays ago it stopped draining, we followed the Manufacturers advice to trouble shoot, but there was no blockage, we checked the outlet pipe at the back no blockage but could see the valve inside that should open to release the water is remaining closed not allowing the water to drain out the pipe. So, found our Currys online receipt phoned the main number spoke to a guy who offered us to pay them £119 to have an engineer come & take a look it & refund if found to be Manufactures fault or we can wait up to 10 working days for engineer to contact us, but that’s a Christmas time frame so will probably be sooner. We decided to wait & use my mums machine who lives approx 40mins away. Waited 10 working days heard nothing, phoned Monday went through everything again on hold whilst person spoke to their manager like last time, same offer, said I would wait for engineer again, told to phone end of the week if not heard anything. One of our twins got tummy bug early hours Friday so house now full of bedding, duvets & towels! So I rang again desperate for an answer went through all checks again until finally got through to the ‘correct department’. Lady told me each time I’d phoned it was the wrong department, first time complaint wasn’t even logged, 2nd time it was logged with wrong department, we should of been offered the £119 we pay, I said we had been, but also their Trading Standards Calculator deems we should be offered £96.08 for the £230 machine we bought 2 years ago to buy a new one, as it might cost £700 to fix!?! Not worth them fixing it for us! Even though it only cost £230 new! We also should of been given a ‘Case number’ & a direct line as each time I’ve been in hold for over 30mins trying to get some help using the main needle never off the receipt! So, if we take the vouchers, yes vouchers & ofcourse they’re only for Currys, we will never buy from them again, we then have to spend £31 on the new part to fix it, so affectively only get £65 off them & it may not be what we think is the problem! A family of four, young twins, pets & we’ve been left with no machine for over 3 weeks now due to complete incompetence of the Curry’s staff, we even asked if they could just send the part & my husband who is a mechanic would fit it but no help was given. Next time we will go to John Lewis 5 year warranty offered on most appliances!

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Sorry to hear about the disappointment in the service, and the unit failing Kathryn. I would like the chance to look into this, and see where we have gone wrong, but how we can best assist. If you wish to email me at [email protected], along with your full name and address, a copy of this post, and the reference SPK927, and I will be happy to look into this for you. Thanks, David W
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