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Nicholas's complaint against Currys PC World

Nicholas Selway


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Complaint against Currys PC World

I purchased a pc in November for my daughter and I have had £3.50 taken from my account I have not authorised this and I would have though with all the mis-sold ppi claims going around at the moment this company needs to be very careful on the day in question I was late for a funeral just popped in to pick up my daughter birthday present up at the Taunton branch when I got there I was passed from pillar to post and back again when I finally got the pc we went to the till and the man went through all the you get this for free and this for free here you go have this next thing I get is you need to sign this new security check you cant have pc unless you do now by this time I was really late for the funeral and I normally read this sort of stuff but being late I didn't big mistake now I know its only £3.50 a month but when I already have extended warranty on anything I buy why would I need this.

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Lapsed. Nicholas has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Nicholas. Can you please provide your full address including postcode? I can then locate the agreement and process the cancellation. Thanks. Carrie.

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Hi Nicolas, thanks for the details. I have cancelled the Careplan BHH57T4M and refunded the £3.50 payment taken in December. - Tony
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