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Ruchi's complaint against Currys PC World

Ruchi Allen


[LAPSED] Product Support AG

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have purchased a few things from PC world from a washing machine to a Dyson Hover, as I was moving into a new house. Recently while talking to my colleague I noticed three different payments for £3.50, £6.50 and £7.50 had been taken out of my personal account for product support and did not know what it was for. I had a few other buys at the time and assumed it had to do with that. I've had a lot of transactions in past few months and didn't realise I was still being charged those £17.50 after 21 months. Looking in Product Support AG complaints, I find that PC World has conned lots of customers, and most of them had no idea that they had been signed up to this without them knowing. I wish for this to stop and a refund of £367.50 (from last 21 months) to be placed back into my account. When I figured that out I contacted my bank they provided me with the number which was 08448006080, after contacting the number, lady I was talking to tells me its written on your purchase receipt and we expect every customer of ours to read their receipt that they will be charged, if they are dealing with us. Is it for real, I never thought of doing it before, but now I had enought, and on top of it she tells me she can only refund me for this month and nothing else, as it is my negligence of not picking it up before. Is this possible? They will never get any more business from me, and I will make sure this goes out to millions of people on twitter and facebook to make sure they do not get conned as well.

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Hi Ruchi, please accept my apologies however the information provided by my colleague is the correct advice. We do provide the customer with a purchase receipt to show the items/services purchased and this can be reviewed at the customers leisure. Secondary to this, the debits will be taken from the customers nominated account in line with the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme. Apologies if you were>


unaware of these transactions, however as my colleague has previously detailed I am unable to offer you a full refund for the 21 months payments made - Shaun
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