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Mosh's complaint against Currys PC World

Mosh Ali


[LAPSED] Disgusting Service from Team Know How, More like Team know nothing about customer service

Complaint against Currys PC World

Purchased washing machine from Curry's in store, arranged for delivery on Sunday 5th Nov 2017. Delivery arrived at 9.40AM. I paid for the washing machine to be installed, a charge of £25, and for my old machine to be removed - a charge of £15. One of the driver/installer came in and disconnected my old washing machine, and then asked me to lift the other side of the washing machine to help him take it out of my flat. So, i did - why did i pay for this service? Anyway, the other driver/installer then bought up the new washing machine very roughly. There was no packaging on it - maybe he took it all off in the van. I noted a scratch on the washing machine. The packaging is to ensure safe delivery of item to customers home not to take off in the van to save time! . He then said he cannot take the bolts (Legs) off from the washing machine because he does not have a spanner and he wanted to put it into the slot unstable. I said wait and i digged out a spanner from the old cupboard and he proceeded to loosen the legs to make the machine steady when on flat surface. ONce that was done, he proceeded to push and shove the machine attempting to put it in the slot as though he was in a rugby match. This tore through my kitchen liner!!! He then stopped and said he couldn't do anymore because he does not want to damage my liner further and that i should use liquid on the floor to slot it into place. He was really forceful about me signing a document so i did and they then left leaving the washing machine in the middle of the kitchen with a health and safety hazard as i have young children without a care in the world. I had to call out an urgent assistant to come and fit the machine and put it where it should be at a cost of £60. TeamknowHow clearly failed to deliver on their promise leaving me with more damage and costs compared to the item i purchased. £250-300 to get my kitchen liner done again. £60 urgent call out charge for someone to come and finish off what TeamKnowhow should have finished. £25 paid for installation for nothing. A new machine scratched because of their incompetency They clearly were not trained to do such job or prepared as they did not even carry a spanner and teamknowhow sent such individuals out to handle installations! .what i joke. ! I have complained and intend on recovering my costs if i have to via small claims court! However, i thought i should give them a chance to see if or how they will resolve this disaster they caused! .

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Lapsed. Mosh has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Mosh, sorry to hear about this. Please send your post to [email protected] with ref spk643 in the subject line. Please also include your order number and address so I can locate the details - Tony
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