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Attila's complaint against Currys PC World

Attila Trekovanicz


Facts: Customer service unable to handle my issue

Complaint against Currys PC World

1. I ordered a laptop online for next day delivery on 17/12/2018 for next day delivery, as I was away after. Delivery costed 10£. 2. I called customer service next day (the day of the delivery), they informed me it can not be delivered that day. (So why was it available on the website?) I asked for to divert the item to collection point, which was not possible. I asked for refund, which was not possible either, as item was on delivery. 3. I called in same day again, and another customer service employee cancelled my delivery, and send me a cancellation email, which included refund too. He informed me, that money won't be debited from my account. (I have got the cancellation email.) So I went to the store, and bought the item, thinking, I will be refunded. 4. The money was taken from my bank account for the online shopping, and dpd tried to deliver the item, but I work, so I'm not home during day and I didn't understand that, as the item was cancelled. I called in and another customer service employee told, the item was cancelled, but I have to wait until it returns to warehouse and I will be refunded after. I asked when, but I was told, they don't know, even weren't able to give an estimated from-to date. 5. The dpd keep coming to my place with the delivery, I messaged them 2 times, they keep ignoring me, but this is another story. Although it is strange, that Curry's PC World has not been communicated with dpd about the cancellation. 6. Facts in short: Curry's PC World customer service, didn't know first place, that delivery was coming on time to my home, they said it was impossible, but I had the dpd note at my home. They cancelled the item, but took my money, although I was told the money won't be debited. They did not communicate with dpd at all, so the delivery still pending, and I receive the notes from dpd every day. They were unable to tell me an estimated from-to date for my refund. Shouldn't I be annoyed and upset?

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