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Cobie Van's complaint against Currys PC World

Cobie Van Hooft


[LAPSED] Faulty products, terrible service & not one appology!

Complaint against Currys PC World

Good Afternoon I rarely feel the need to write to complain to a service provider but in Currys/PC World’s case I feel that the appalling services I have received this year really does warrant a complaint. I purchased a TV earlier in 2015 – total cost was around £800 plus the cost of a blue-ray DVD player and a sound bar/sub woofer combo. I had to return to the Crawley store of two occasions, one as the sound bar was faulty – this was replaced. The second time the remote control for the TV stopped working within a week due to poor soldering connections with the device – this was replaced. Within a month the remote control for the sound bar also stopped working – again due to poor quality – I was asked again to come back to the store for a replacement. Rather than go back tot he store for a third time I purchased another controller from the manufacturer directly. I did this as PC World is approximately 20 miles from my home. Later in June 2015 I purchased a double over. After 6 scheduled delivery dates by your delivery department and no oven after a month (where I had been promised my oven within a week) I still didn’t have my oven. I eventually spent 3 hours on the telephone trying to get a quarrented delivery date. As I work full time I had to take time off on each occasion that the oven didn’t show up. This was extremely inconvenient. Last week I purchased a new PC with MS Student, McAfee and KnowHow. I had to return to the store today as the person who processed the sale used an incorrect sales code for the Knowhow cloud storage and therefore I didn’t have an activation key for the product. It also became apparent that I was overcharged for my items – which I was refunded at the store. After returning home it then became apparent that the MS Student software that I purchased along with my PC was actually for a MAC! Once again after speaking to the store (by the way this took over an hour after going through 3 different departments and being kept on hold or in a que), I now have to make yet another trip to Crawley to get this changed. The services I have received from your company on three separate occasions has really been sub standard. I have made complaints to several staff members within the Crawley store and have yet to receive an apology or suitable explanation as to why this occurs. I am also considering taking steps to report this to both trading standard and watchdog. I will also be posting this email onto the PC World complaints website. I hope that you will take it upon yourselves to make the necessary enquiries to make sure these silly mistakes don’t continue to happen. As a supplier YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS BETTER! I genuinely feel and I am of the opinion that as your company is ‘cornering the market’ in the sale of electrical products (now that there are no longer an large scale competitors) that you feel that you can provide a poor quality of service. Customers not wanting to buy from you are left with little option than to purchase from the local electrical store which doesn’t provide such a wide selection or competitive pricing system. Therefore we have no option but to put up with poor services if we want value for money. Regards

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Lapsed. Cobie Van has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Cobie, thank you for getting in touch. I am very sorry to learn of the issues that you have encountered over the last year with the products and service. With regards to the audio products that you purchased, I agree that this was not good having to return to the store on 3 occasion, but we cannot be held responsible for the failing products when we are only the retailer and not the manufacturer. I am pleased that these issues were resolved eventually.


With reference to the cooker order, it does this seem that this was a Supplier Home Delivery item where the delivery can be longer than purchasing an item that is available in our warehouse for dispatch. The Supplier Home Delivery purchases are passed over the manufacturer who build these to order. A date for delivery is given but this is provisional and subject to change if there is a delay at the manufacturers end. If this is the case our specialist team should call you to update you.


Once we have the product delivered into our warehouse we will then call you to arrange a delivery to you. I do offer my apologies if you were not aware of this procedure. With regards to your current purchase it does seem that this was an oversight on the sales assistants behalf. I can assure that we as a company pride ourselves on providing great customer service and our never leaving a customer to fend for themselves. The service you have received is not indicative of our usual high levels


and I would like to take this opportunity to offer my apologies for any distress and inconvenience this may have caused. Kind regards, Rich D
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