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Sarah's complaint against Currys PC World

Sarah Stapylton


[RESOLVED] - HP high spec laptop Faulty

Complaint against Currys PC World

Fault in laptop that has resulted in being took back to the store on three occasions and repaired with the same fault recurring each time.The fault appeared 7 months after purchase so it just missed the refund or replace time slot. This is due to buying the laptop in November and not using it as intended (hardly turned it on) my partner bought it for work but was made redundant soon after if the laptop would have been used as intended it would have definitely not lasted 6 months the laptop has a major flaw and no matter how many times we send it for repairs it will constantly keep breaking. We have asked for a replacement as we have no faith left in the laptop we don't want to collect it from the store bring it home to switch it on knowing how long before it breaks again to return it again to be repaired again with the same fault !!! plus our 12 Month warranty is over on the 28th November so we are expecting PC world to wash there hand of us on the next occasion it breaks down.This ordeal has been and still is extremely stress full for us any help would be appreciated

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Currys PC World resolved this complaint

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Hi Sarah, I'm sorry to learn of the problems you have encountered with your laptop, certainly doesn't sound acceptable to me either. Am I correct in saying the machine is currently in our store, repaired and ready for collection? If you can also PM me your full name, address, make and model of the laptop and any relevant repair refs, I can investigate further? Thanks -Marcus

Sarah Stapylton | | VERIFIED

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Hi Sarah, thanks for getting back to us with the details we requested. I've spoken with Matt in our White Rose store who has arranged to call you before the close of business today regarding a resolution for your laptop repair. Please let us know if you require any further assistance following your call with them. Thanks - Emily.

Sarah Stapylton | | VERIFIED

Hello Emily we have been in contact with the store and the manager has informed us that the laptop was sent back unrepaired due to the fact my partner called the repair centre to ask if the laptop had the same defect the guy said they haven't had chance to look at it as yet anyway they have sent it back to the store unrepaired warranty with the retailer expires in 3 days

Sarah Stapylton | | VERIFIED

The manager wants to send it back for repair again !! And my partner was told to take out a care plan otherwise we have 6yrs and have to take it up with the manufacturer this is putting a huge strain on us as a family having to sort this out its an outrage it broke under the he retail warranty all we want is what we paid our money for


Hi Sarah - Please accept my apologies for any disappointment this has caused, I understand this is an added stress. As your laptop is still within warranty whilst it's been sent to our repair centre, the repair would still be included within this. Have the store now sent the laptop to the repair centre? Thanks - Emily.

Sarah Stapylton | | VERIFIED

Hi Emily we visited the store yesterday and our laptop was finally replaced with a new one thank you

Sarah Stapylton | | VERIFIED

Thank you
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