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D H's complaint against Currys PC World

D H Hendetson


[RESPONDED] I am being charged for Product Support.

Complaint against Currys PC World

I purchased a Fridge Freezer last February and find that I am being charged for Customer Support at the rate of £3 per month. I notice that a £3 card mandate was added to my receipt this was not pointed out to me at the time and I did not verbally agree or make any signature for this amount to be taken from my account. I wish payment to be stopped and all payments made amounting to £24 be returned to my account. D H Henderson

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Currys PC World has responded

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D H Hendetson | | VERIFIED

As requested my name is David Henderson, [email protected], Tel. 01968670609 The purchase was paid by debit card and I did not take out any Care Plan. The only mention of a monthly mandate was on my receipt for the purchase and any care is taken by the firm of Domestic & General under Guarantee. No explanation was given regarding Customer Support I again request that the payment be refunded.


Hi there, Thank you for contacting us over the support agreement. I do apologise that you may have been unaware of this but details are provided at the time of the purchase as terms of the agreement are provided and your cancellation options will be included in this. We will be more than happy to cancel the agreement for you if you can provide full details of your name address, postcode


contact number and the agreement number. With your request for the payments to be refunded, this is something that I am unable to offer you as per the agreement terms. Kind regards, Rich D
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