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John's complaint against Currys PC World

John Evans


I have payments being taken from my bank account without my knowledge.

Complaint against Currys PC World

PRODUCT SUPPORT AG 10329000010005924 for £5.50. Taken since I bought the PC in May. I have only just noticed this, I have no understanding of why this is being taken. No mention of this customer support was made by the salesman at the time of purchase. I have nearly 30 years experience of computers; I do not need customer support from Curries nor from anyone else! Please get this cancelled immediately and refund. Thank you.

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Currys PC World failed to resolve this complaint

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Hi John. Can you please provide your full address including postcode and contact number? We can then cancel the agreement and consider your request for a refund. Thanks. Carrie.

John Evans | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message


Hi John. This agreement was purchased in May 2016. Purchase of the agreement and details of the card mandate are detailed on your purchase receipt. The terms of the agreement state a refund is only available if cancelled within 14 days from purchase. As such, I am unable to process a refund. The agreement is now cancelled and no further payments will be requested. Thanks. Carrie.

John Evans | | VERIFIED

I still maintain there was NO mention of this at the point of sale. My bad for not checking the receipt; your bad for the sneaky underhand deceitful tactics. Never again will I darken your doors!


I'm sorry to hear you remain unhappy with the level of support John and my apologies that we were unable to reach a more amicable resolution. - Marcus

John Evans | | VERIFIED

I thought this style of sneaky loading of sales was finished long ago. I guess not. Quite obviously intentional on their behalf, as there is no hint of apology.
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