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Wayne's complaint against Currys PC World

Wayne Ormandy


[LAPSED] Inconsistent?

Complaint against Currys PC World

Hello guys I have been shoping at currys for a little over 10 years when i left my mum & dads house. I would say we have spent 10 to 15 thousand in that time. We have taken out care plans on two products are cooker and lap top the cooker has been replaced 3 times due to it being dangerous never said anything about inconsistent then. After the 3rd one we change cookers up to now this one is working great :-) Now the lap top has been replaced with in the first few months due to it being faulty never get that brand again. There again no word of inconsistent. We got a hp after that and other then having to spend hours at a time on to tech guys when it go's slow with bugs and stuff its been a great laptop. Unfortunately about 3 to 4 weeks ago i droped it down the stairs i had a palpitation attack has i have heart conditions i was on my way down stairs from resting in my room as i have not long had surgery i jolted and droped it i did not see it fall as i was panicking with myself i have done all the stuff you guys have done with the same ansers inconsistent but the guy who called me was a nice guy i think i was on the phone for 26 minutes away i did not get a later after that a manger who o believe to be a good man called me back and said they told him i would receive a response by the end of the week but it never happend the manager read out a later that he found on one of there systems and again they said it was inconsistent with what they would expect to see when lap tops fall down stairs. Know i have never heared so much rubbish in my life this the first time i have ever had a accident like this first claim ever for accidental damage. Its seems funny to me how if its something to do with manufacturers its done right away but if you have a accident you have to jump through hoops doing handstands. adding more stress to someone who already is having health problems. So right now we have no laptop waiting and waiting as of right now the last 3 years of monthly payments where for nothing ot would of been much better putting it in my childrens trust found for there futures hope everyone else has it easyer then me as stress is a killer thanks guys

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Lapsed. Wayne has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Wayne, please send your post to [email protected] with ref SPK 619. Please include your agreement number , make and model of the item and your address, we can then take a look - Tony

Wayne Ormandy | | VERIFIED

Hello tony I already have done this yesterday


Hi, good. We will look into it and respond via that channel - Tony

Wayne Ormandy | | VERIFIED

How long does it take and what team are you how do you guys work ?


Hi, it will be this week, sorry I cant be more specific - Tony

Wayne Ormandy | | VERIFIED

Ok I have sent it again using your SPK619 have you got it


Hi , yes -TL
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