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Manjit Dehal's complaint against Currys PC World

Manjit Dehal (Ms)


[LAPSED] Know How - more like Know Not

Complaint against Currys PC World

I have cut and pasted the contents of my complaint emailed to Know How/Currys on the 20th June following a catalogue of issues faced by me and know how's incapability to deliver a good customer service and failure to honor their agreement (insurance cover). Samsung UE46F6400 Television I am writing to formally express my concerns and disdain for the way that the Know How Centre has treated me in respect of a problem with my TV. I took out a Know How agreement in good faith, in the hope that should there ever be an issue or problem with my TV, I would be assured of a good level of service and any issues would be rectified quickly and efficiently as per all your promotional material and more importantly as per the agreement. I paid for this agreement in one single payment up front. Unfortunately, the standard/level of service and response has been what at best can only be described as discourteous, inefficient and downright appalling and has caused me a great deal of unnecessary stress at a time when I am recuperating from major pelvic surgery. I have listed below all correspondence via telephone since the whole fiasco started in April this year. The first fault was reported in April, I was told that a loan TV was not available – so I agreed the TV be picked up anyway as I was assured the TV would be returned within days and if Know How exceeded seven days, I would get vouchers to cover the cost of a new replacement TV . I was informed that I would get a phone call at least 30 minutes prior to the TV being picked up on the said date, I got a call as the collection van was round the corner. The same thing happened on the day the TV was bought back. The TV was gone for around 4 days and returned on the 19th April. I have a copy of the repair report which stated that the main board had been replaced. On the 21st April (2 days later), I encountered the same issue, I rang Know How to report the fault, I was told I’d get a call back regarding the TV being booked in and for a loan to be arranged. By the 10th May, I hadn’t received a call back on either my mobile or home telephone no. I popped into a Know How centre (PC World, at St. John’s retail Park, Wolverhampton). I explained the issue and the time delay, he kindly agreed to ring the Know How centre whilst I waited, after several minutes, he returned to say that the call centre had said that I must make the call myself, which he appeared quite confused by. Due to work commitments I was unable to make the call that evening, so the next day, I called Know How. I spoke to someone called George (interestingly none of your staff seem willing to give a surname – yet you have my full name and address). George stated that the booking request had not been added by Know How when I called them on the 21st April (something I fail to understand), he appeared appreciative of my concerns and gave me a ref no: 867076. I had asked for a loan replacement and he stated he would add this to the booking, he advised that if I heard nothing by the end of the month (May), I should call back. I was then admitted to hospital for major surgery on the 31st May, on my return on the 8th June and as I hadn’t heard anything, I rang Know How back as the television would be my main source of companionship and entertainment. From 11.15am until I finally put the phone down at just after midday, I was passed from pillar to post and had to repeat the whole thing over and over again. Firstly after speaking to one of your call centre staff and not getting anywhere fast, I asked to be put through to a manager. I was put through to someone called Paul (floor manager on CSE team?!), again your staff appear to be very defensive about giving their names. Firstly he stated that the call on the 11th May had never been dated (very bizarre and incomprehensible), he then went onto say that there were 73 people ahead of me waiting for a loan TV he seemed oblivious to the way I had been passed from pillar to post since the 21st April, he showed no sympathy for the fact that I was trying to recover from a major operation and the TV would be my major source of companionship ( I am unable to drive/ do anything around the house for a minimum of 12 weeks). He stated he couldn’t get me a loan TV despite the fact that Know How had failed to communicate within their own internal departments and stated he would book the TV in to be collected the following day (Thursday 9th June between 7 -11am, I explained that I would like a call to enable me to get downstairs to open the door, I was told this was not a problem). He then put me through to someone called James in customer services to try and appease me and suggested they could compensate me for the number of errors on their part. James was very sympathetic, by this time I was tearful and at my wits end. James suggested that as I had a Premier agreement and given that I had been waiting an outcome since the 21st April, Know How had very much exceeded their 7 day period to repair or refund and perhaps it would be best to write the whole thing off and be issued with replacement TV vouchers, he put me through to a Gavin in the agreement team (?). I then had to go through the whole thing all over again, Gavin was unsympathetic in his manner and seemed anxious to get me off the phone, he spent several minutes using loop holes to get Know How out of their agreement, by this time I was exhausted and stated that Know How clearly didn’t value its customers, it did not treat every case on its own individual merit, there was no recognition of the fact that Know How had been at fault throughout the whole process nor did it act professionally to keep to the agreement, for which you happily took my money under what can now only be described as false pretences as you have failed to honour the conditions of the agreement. I had to ask my son to come to the house the next morning, 9th June in case I struggled to get down the stairs and to the front door. He had to take the time off work to do so. I never received a call despite what Paul had promised, they just turned up sometime between 10.30 and 11am and collected the TV and left. On the 10th June, I had a text message to say the item had been received, 13 minutes later I got another text to say the Know How team would be with me on Sunday (12th June, between 7 and 11am) Saturday 11th June, had the same text. On Sunday 12th June, I had a call to say the team were coming to deliver an item, when the van drivers arrived, they said they were here to pick up the TV, which had been taken 3 days previously! At this point I felt I could no longer communicate with your centre as I was fed up and very stressed by the incompetence of Know How, so I asked my son to ring the centre as soon as your van left. He spoke to someone called Paul to ask exactly what was happening and why they had re sent someone to collect the TV when it had already been taken on the 9th June. Paul informed my son that the TV had been at the repair centre and had been repaired and fixed and had passed and would be with us within 3 – 5 days, and would certainly be returned no later than the 17th June ( 8 days after being taken and 5 days after having been repaired?!). Paul could not give an explanation for this lengthy time delay in the TV being repaired and returned to me. I checked the tracker on line on the 14th June, the tracker system had sent a message stating there was an enquiry in relation to the repair and I needed to call the centre, if I had not checked the tracker I would not have known to call (further example of lack of communication and respect for customers, many whom may not have known about the tracker or have had access to it in the first instance) My son called the technical team and spoke to someone called John, he stated he would check with the repair team as he couldn’t quite understand why if the TV had been repaired/checked and passed on the 12th June, I wasn’t going to get it back until the 17th June. He stated he would call back. This call never came. On the 15th June as I had not had a call back, my son rang the technical team and spoke to Scott – he stated that the repair had been completed but the date for return had moved to the 18th June – a full 10 days from the time the TV had been taken and 6 days after the TV had been repaired and passed again, making a complete mockery of your 7 day policy of no return full refund claim and agreement. On the 18th June, I received a call from someone called Craig at around 7.15am stating the TV would be returned within the next 30 – 40mins. The TV was returned within this timescale, however your delivery team just left it against a wall in the lounge and departed, they were out of the door before they could be asked if they would screw it back to its stand – what kind of service is this? I had to ask my son to come down and fix the screen to the stand, I was not in a position to lift and attach the 46inch screen to the stand on my own especially given my current health issue. Having spoken to Which, family and friends I now feel compelled to put my complaint in writing. I sincerely hope that it will be treated with respect and given your full attention. I will be sending a copy to the Trading Standards office too. My complaint therefore centres around the following key points/issues: • Know how’s inability to take a call re a repair, create a log of it and then follow this up with updates to the customer in person – your policy strap/ website / repair report line clearly carries the following sentence: “ never leaving a customer to fend for themselves” – what a contradiction – that has not been my experience, I have been left to fend for myself/ have had to constantly chase for updates and due to the lack of incompetence shown to date by everyone at Know How, have been left stressed and made to feel like a beggar • Know how’s inability to have a sufficient number of replacement loan items - always quoting a high demand and a lack of replacement loan items – hardly great sales pitch or marketing! • Lack of communication and disrespect in keeping customers updated –what if I didn’t have a lap top/tablet to check progress/what if English was not my first language (completely against equality of opportunity in relation to your tracker system and in meeting the needs of a diverse multi-cultural society) • Lack of communication between Know How teams/departments / lack of empathy to customers situations and treating customers as though they are on a conveyer belt – think you should all be reminded that if it were not for customers purchasing goods or agreements the majority of the Know How team would not be privileged enough to have a job • Several obscure loop holes in the agreement which have made your team think they can exploit innocent and honest customers and ensure they do not have to fulfil their obligations when they are clearly at fault • How can your Know How team inform a customer over the phone that their TV was repaired on the Sunday (i.e. within 3 days of the TV being taken) yet the customer still be told that they can’t have it back for a further 6 days?! This makes no sense what so ever – remember your strapline “never leaving a customer to fend for themselves”. Interestingly, the repair report I received when the TV was returned was dated the 11th June – therefore clearing showing the repair had been completed 2 days of the TV being taken, so again why such a delay in returning the repaired TV? • Poor customer service on return of the TV, on the first occasion the TV was taken in April and returned the delivery team fixed the screen back to its stand, on this occasion in June, your delivery team left it propped against a wall in the lounge with no respect to how I would attach the TV screen back to its stand and if indeed the screen was in one piece. It is evident that Know How staff clearly work on Sunday’s from calls / people turning up to collect/deliver items/ being told repair was completed on a Sunday, you have very clearly gone over your 7 day promise of getting equipment back or the customer being entitled to a full refund via vouchers Therefore under The Consumer Rights Act makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. As you are in breach of contract I am entitled to have the item refunded in full and I would request that you confirm that you will do this within the next seven days. Since this complaint was emailed to Know How and within 2 days of the "fault allegedly being repaired, I encountered the same issue. I was completely flabbergasted by this but had lost my faith in ringing them to go through the whole thing again until I had received a response to my complaint. On Sunday 26th June, I received a call from someone called Lee in customer services. Whilst he was sympathetic he stated all he could do was "write" the tv off but it would need to come back to the repair shop to be checked by the engineer, once this was done and he was satisfied the tv was beyond repair, I would be issued with vouchers to replace the tv, however the vouchers could only be used at Curry's, a company I have lost complete faith in! I was told I would only get a pro rata refund on the agreement, there was no recognition or compensation for the stress this issue has caused me, no compensation towards the increase in my phone bills for having to chase Know How / be put on hold several times. No offer of a loan tv again ( still no tvs available!), I have no idea how long this will now take to resolve.

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Hi Manjit, I am sorry for the poor service you have received from us. This has been fully logged on your complaint case (CC3037154) which will address the matters you have raised and individuals who did not support you in the KNOWHOW way. I do hope you are now feeling better, please be assured we will gladly review your situation for a gesture of good will once we have assessed the TV and confirmed if this can be write off for you. Thanks Georgia


Hi Manjit, I am sorry for the poor service you have received from us. This has been fully logged on your complaint case (CC3037154) which will address the matters you have raised and individuals who did not support you in the KNOWHOW way. I do hope you are now feeling better, please be assured we will gladly review your situation for a gesture of good will once we have assessed the TV and confirmed if this can be written off for you. Thanks Georgia

Manjit Dehal (Ms) | | VERIFIED

Im afraid your response or actually lack of it to move this issue, now into 3 months, is typical of my experience of Know How.You have repeatedly failed to honor your know how agreement and now instead of resolving the issue given the constant lack of service Iv had to date you are just prolonging the matter and Im still without a tv and any source of entertainment.I strongly suggest you revisit your committement to customers and your values.


Hi,I do understand the situation Lee from the executive team informed that the TV was booked back in for the 30th June and that once a fault has been confirmed a write off can proceed. I note that Lee phoned you to discuss the matter on the 26th. I apologise for the frustration this is causing you - Tony

Manjit Dehal (Ms) | | VERIFIED

Hi Tony, thank you for the reply, however, at no point have Know How/Currys recognised the poor service I have received and at no point have you offered any form of good will gesture to compensate for the stress and trauma the very poor service received and continue to receive. Can you explain to me how it can take a day and a half for my tv to be taken to your warehouse, is your warehouse located in another country? I feel completely patronised and you clearly think my complaint is nothing.


Hi Manjit Our National Repair Centre is base in Newark. This does however need to be delivered via a regional delivery centre before being delivered to the repair centre. As previously advised, once a fault has been confirmed a replacement television will be offered. Thanks again for your continued patience. Richard
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