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[User Deleted]'s complaint against Currys PC World

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Complaint against Currys PC World

Hello We went to Curry's/Pc world looking for a laptop. A member staff approached us asking if we needed help and we explained him we were looking for a laptop for our son to do school work and he told us to go for a cheap one and said the Hp stream 14 was the best for our needs. We trusted him and bought it. As soon as we got home we realised this laptop won't support Adobe shock wave so no homework can be done, so we took the laptop back to the store .Customer service sent us to Knowhow team, we explained to the technician the problem and showed him the computer doesn't support adobe shock wave but without any intension of helping he said Adobe shockwave wasn't working because I had a malware and for same reason they cant refund or exchange. I said that wasn't true as we didn't even have a chance to use it, we only tried to install firebox and adobe shock wave from the official Web sites through the links on the school webpage. We wouldn't of bought this laptop if it wasn't for the staff member leading us to. I asked him what the laptop needed done so they take it back and I was told "a factory reset" that was going to cost me £60 for him to do. I asked him could I do it myself here and he said "yes of course", once the process was completed I let the technician know but then he surprisingly changed his mind and said they can't refund or exchange as the laptop has been used. I said I wasn't going to leave the store until the problem was solved and asked to speak to the manager, a man came claiming to be the manager but he was absolutely helpless, no will at all to help. I asked them to try install adobe shock wave in my laptop or a different one but same brand and if they did I would apology and leave. I was then asked £45 for them to set up the laptop and install adobe shock wave. The day we bought the laptop the man came with the box saying "good news, the laptop comes set up". We genuinely asked what did that mean and he told us "it means you don't have to pay someone to set it up" I reminded him of that and he said "no, this is something else". We didn't want to pay £45 because we knew he wasn't going to install adobe shock wave as the laptop wouldn't support it but he said he couldn't touch the computer unless we pay so we paid and waited..He tried again and again, he tried with the full version, the slim one but it wouldn't work. In the end he got to the conclusion that this laptop won't support adobe shock wave and I want to mention that before this, they tried to blame us saying the laptop had malware which was not true. Eventually he discovered that our son can log into alta maths and make homework using Internet Explorer instead another browser. I asked him what exactly he charged us £45 for and he said he installed windows ,that is not true as after I factory reset the laptop I installed windows as that was the next step before setting country, language etc, and I doubt very much that within minutes there was a new update available for windows. The only thing he did was to connect to Curry's WiFi. All in all after having to spend 5 hours in the store with our son I couldn't believe the situation we were put in. I have shopped in curry's several times before and my husband having worked on multiple stores throughout the UK and Ireland over the past few years was truly disappointed. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Alina Basca

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Hi Alina, I'm sorry to hear your son's laptop purchase was so problematic, please accept my apologies. So I can investigate and help further, please email me your full name, address and make and model of the laptop to [email protected] Thanks - Marcus

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Thanks for the extra info Alina. I asked for you to email us in order to keep your details private (as this is a public forum) Could you also email me your contact tel and I will request the general manager of the store calls you direct? - Marcus

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Thanks Alina. I have passed this on for you so please look out for their call in the next 24 hrs.- Marcus

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Over 24 hours and no phone call received.I will be contacting Trading standards first time in the morning and will no stop until my situation is solved. Somebody really needs to get seriously involved and stop Curry's from not respecting Customers rights.


I'm sorry you had not received a call at the time of your last post. If this is still outstanding, I will escalate with the regional manager for the store for you. Thanks - Marcus
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