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Lisa's complaint against Currys PC World

Lisa Murphy


[LAPSED] Monthly charges hard to cancel

Complaint against Currys PC World

You can't stop payments because they are not a direct debit or a standing order. Just a charge that keeps occurring monthly. So, your bank can't do anything about it. Went to Curry's, they tell you to call Product Support AG. I was able to cancel one, but other one was for niece's mobile for the first 3 months. Even though it was my bank account, she had to call and cancel. The first payment of £6.50 stopped, then the second. Then three months ago, they just started up again. £6.50 per month. Have to call again. Don't even know what it's for. Something has to be unlawful to run charges like that.

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Lapsed. Lisa has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Lisa, I'm sorry to hear you have been charged for an unwanted payment, my apologies. So I can investigate and help further, please email me your full name, address, postcode, contact number to [email protected] and put ref SPK526 in the subject bar. Thanks.- AK
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