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Dave's complaint against Currys PC World

Dave Baty


[LAPSED] Non Existent Customer Service

Complaint against Currys PC World

Service is non existent. I bought a Currys Essential dishwasher 4 months ago, it developed a fault so I contacted the customer service team. They did not listen to what the fault was just insisted that an engineer needed to attend. I arranged for an engineer to call to arrange a time, he did not call however a week later I got a call saying they were 15 mins away from my house. I hastily got home to be told the fault was exactly the same as I had diagnosed and that he needed to order parts. 3 weeks later another engineer came to fit them. He would not test the machine after fitting them and left. When he had gone the fault was still there and I found that the lino in the kitchen had been ripped by him removing the machine. I rang him straight back and he would not answer the phone. I immediately rang the Knowhow team and they said he was refusing to come back and they would need to send another person. Later that day my neighbour in the flat below knocked on my door saying water was running through his roof. On inspection we found the water inlet pipe was not fitted correctly and had been leaking all day. I rang Currys again and after 3 hours with different departments I managed to arrange for a new machine to be delivered the following day. This machine came was fitted and tested by engineer and found to have a faulty discharge pipe which again flooded the kitchen. Again I rang Curry and arranged for a 3rd machine to be delivered which was finally done. Currys currently are saying that another person will need to attend to see the damage and that my neighbour will need to ring and complain himself as he is at a different address. A £169 dishwasher has caused damaged floor covering, my neighbours damaged ceiling, me having to take 4 days off work (they refuse to give a time for call outs) and approx 6 hours in phone calls.

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Lapsed. Dave has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Dave, apologies for the delay, I'm really sorry to hear of the issues. If you do still require assistance with this matter, please email [email protected] with reference SPK180939 in the subject line. It would be good if you could also include your full address, receipt details for the product, and any other references you have. Thanks. - Jack
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