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Sam's complaint against Currys PC World

Sam Mawby


[LAPSED] Order not honoured

Complaint against Currys PC World

My order (CUR1855406154) for a large product was placed online on the 14th September 2018 with a fixed delivery date agreed of the 27th September 2018 (full day window for delivery). I waited for the item all day as I had received no additional correspondence. I chased up with customer service the following day (today) and have been told that there was a failure in there process and that the item was not available. My payment has been in their account for over 2 weeks and the order without my agreement was cancelled during the conversation and I'm told to expect a refund in another weeks' time (three weeks of having my money and not be in a position to deliver the item I ordered). My situation was dismissed by customer service staff and a half-hearted apology and poor compensation offered. I could not get the details of this or the conversation conclusions in writing and was only given a couple of names. I asked about 20 times for the issue to be escalated to someone who could deal with the problem but this was refused and I was not allowed to speak to another member of staff or manager. I have wasted a further 1.5 hours approximately on phone calls alone trying to resolve the issue. Case number CC3799985 has been setup for me and I have said I want to issue a complaint but not helped to do this by customer service.

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Lapsed. Sam has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Sam, I am very sorry to hear of the poor service that you have received. So that we can look into this for you can you please email us at [email protected] quoting the reference SPK180753. In your email can you please provide a copy of your complaint along with your full name and address? Thanks - Chloe

Sam Mawby | | VERIFIED

Hi Chloe, I have now sent the email as requested by you above. I have asked for a full investigation and response within 5 working days. If I do not receive this within the timescale or to my satisfaction I shall look into trading standards and follow up on actions myself. If you provide a fair/fast resolution I shall reply to that affect whilst I shall obviously also report the reverse. Sam


Thank you for emailing us. We hope to get this resolved as soon as possible for you. Your email should be picked up soon. Thanks - Chloe

Sam Mawby | | VERIFIED

Hi Chloe, I have received a completely unacceptable response and shall need to continue to address the issues of Breach of Contract, and costs (calls, time waiting for delivery) elsewhere unless I receive a satisfactory reply within the 5 days. Latest response from KnowHow is no better than the original phone calls just arrived a little quicker at 'we don't give a damn'. Ball in your court! Sam


Hi Sam. I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the response received. I have had chance to review the issue, and although I appreciate this is not the desired response, I do feel the response offered is fair for the events ~ David
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